Jk Rowling Controversy: She Receives Criticism for Her Anti-Trans Sentiments

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Her pen name is J. K. Rowling, and she is a British author and philanthropist. She was born on July 31, 1965, and is better known as Joanne Rowling. Jane Austen’s Harry Potter series was published from 1997 to 2007 and includes seven books. At least 70 languages have been translated into at least 500 million copies of the series and produced an international media phenomenon that includes films and video games. My First Adult Novel (2012) was her first foray into writing for adults. Her pseudonym Robert Galbraith is used to write the Cormoran Strike series of crime novels.


Rowling became “emboldened… to stand up and be counted on topics that were important to her” because she was aware of the fortunate fortune that led to her wealth and fame and wanted to use her public image to help others despite her fears about media and the press. The Volant Charitable Trust was founded in 2000 by J.K. Rowling in honor of her mother, while she was still working on the Harry Potter books. As stated on their website, their aim is to “alleviate social deprivation with a particular emphasis on aiding mothers, children, and young people at risk”.

jk rowling controversy

With the help of MEP Emma Nicholson, Rowling created the Children’s High-Level Group (now known as Lumos). Since 2000, she has been an advocate for the charity One Parent Families (formerly Gingerbread). A book of children’s stories she co-wrote with Sarah Brown was published in support of One Parent Families, and It was estimated by Forbes in 2012 that Rowling had given away $160 million before 2012. In 2015, she was the second most generous UK donor (after musician Elton John) with a gift of $14 million.

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This comparison by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s anti-transgender sentiments is not sitting well with the Harry Potter author. People who are currently killing citizens for the crime of resistance or who arrest and poison their opponents may not be the greatest people to make criticisms of Western cancel culture.

The cancellations of Russian cultural events were likened by Vladimir Putin to the era of Nazi Germany, which was responsible for the Holocaust. A thousand-year-old country, Putin said, is being “destroyed today.”

It’s “the rising discrimination of everything associated with Russia, a trend that is developing in a number of Western governments and with the complete connivance and often the support of the ruling elites,” he said. “The infamous cancel culture has become a cancellation of culture.”

While Rowling’s anti-transgender beliefs created outrage

The treatment of Russian cultural leaders was also likened to those of Rowling. When Joanne Rowling’s novels were published, they were banned by the champions of “so-called gender rights,” Putin claimed. “Not so long ago they canceled a children’s novelist, Joanne Rowling.”

Allegations of transphobic have been leveled against Rowling. When a British tax specialist named Maya Forstater was dismissed for anti-trans tweets in 2019, she first made headlines for her opinions on the topic.

Mocking a headline from 2020 that used the phrase “those who menstruate,” trans supporters pointed out that this word included men and nonbinary persons who still have periods.

While some opponents on Twitter branded her “transphobic manifesto,” she later wrote a lengthy blog post in which she wondered whether the growth of young people coming out as transgendered had been caused by a “contagion” brought about in part by social media.

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As a survivor of domestic violence and assault

She is “very disturbed” about the current trans activism, she wrote in a blog post published on Monday.

“When you open the doors of toilets and changing rooms to any male who believes or feels he’s a woman—and, as I’ve stated, gender confirmation certificates may now be awarded without any requirement for surgery or hormones—then you open the door to any and all men who desire to come inside. A typical talking point used by anti-trans or “gender critical” groups, she said. “That’s a simple reality,” she continued.

US Quidditch and Major League Quidditch have since indicated they will alter the name of their sport, inspired by the Harry Potter Books, in part to “separate themselves from the works of J.K Rowling… who has increasingly come under fire for her anti-trans sentiments in recent years.”.

Rowling was also absent from the HBO Max Harry Potter reunion special, which aired earlier this year, and there was very little archival footage of her in it.

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