John Stockton Controversy: Gonzaga Has Suspended Nba Hall of Famer John Stockton’s Basketball Season Tickets

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John Houston Stockton, a former professional basketball player from the United States, was born on March 26, 1962. He spent his entire NBA career (1984–2003) as a point guard with the Utah Jazz, with the team making the playoffs in each of his 19 seasons. He is widely regarded as one of the finest point guards and passers of all time. Stockton led the Jazz to their only two NBA Finals appearances, both of which were lost to the Chicago Bulls, in 1997 and 1998, alongside longtime colleague Karl Malone.

Stockton was a ten-time NBA All-Star who leads the NBA’s all-time assists and steals records by a large margin. In 2009, he was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for his individual career, and then again in 2010 as a member of the United States Olympic basketball team 1992. He was voted one of the top 50 NBA players of all time in 1996. Stockton was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team in October 2021, confirming his status as one of the league’s greatest players of all time.

On any given night, a banner in the south-facing rafters of McCarthey Athletic Center displays John Stockton’s name and No. 12 jersey. However, Gonzaga and its most famous alumnus are in conflict over the school’s mask policy, which has resulted in Stockton’s season tickets to home basketball games being revoked.

On Saturday, He Spoke with The Spokesman-Review.

The NBA’s all-time assists and steals leader, and one of only two players whose number has been retired by Gonzaga, confirmed the university’s decision to suspend his season tickets for failing to comply with the mask mandate in an interview with The Spokesman-Review on Saturday at The Warehouse, the Spokane-based gym Stockton has owned since 2002.

john stockton controversy

In a conversation described by Stockton as “congenial” but “not nice,” Gonzaga Athletic Director Chris Standiford informed him of the university’s decision.

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They Requested that I Attend the Games Wearing a Mask.

“Basically, they wanted me to wear a mask to the games,” Stockton explained, “and as a public figure, someone a little bit more visible, I stood out a little bit in the throng.” “As a result, they received complaints and believed that they would have to either require me to wear a mask or suspend my tickets because of whatever the higher-ups – things weren’t disclosed, but whatever it was further up –
Stockton has spoken out against COVID-19 vaccines, shutdown measures, and mask regulations, first expressing his views in a documentary titled “COVID and the Vaccine: Truth, Lies, and Misconceptions Revealed” in June.

More than 100 Elite Athletes, According to Stockton, Have Died as A Result of Vaccinations.

During the interview, Stockton claimed that vaccination has caused the deaths of over 100 professional athletes. Vaccines have also claimed the lives of tens of thousands, if not millions, of individuals.
“I believe it’s well documented today; there’s 150, I believe it’s over 100 professional athletes dead – professional athletes – in their prime of life, dropping dead who are vaccinated, right on the pitch, right on the field, right on the court,” Stockton stated in the interview.

According to, an initiative of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, and research reported by PolitiFact, which is run by the Poynter Institute, such assertions are doubtful and not backed by science, nor are they deemed credible by medical professionals.

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Former Point Guard for The Gonzaga Bulldogs and Utah Jazz

Before the current decision to ban him from games, the former Gonzaga and Utah Jazz point guard stated that he had “several” meetings with the school’s administration over the previous two years.

john stockton controversy

Standiford, GU’s first-year athletic director, declined to be interviewed for this story but offered a statement from the university that reaffirmed the masking policy.

Both Stockton’s Claims About Covid-19 and The Vaccine Have Been Disproved by Medical Peer-Reviewed Studies.

According to a Yale Medicine paper published on Tuesday, despite being less likely to be hospitalized, the virus has caused severe illness or death in young and middle-aged persons who are otherwise healthy.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 529 million doses of COVID-19 vaccinations were given out between December 12, 2020, and Tuesday.

Unvaccinated persons, including children, are more likely to spread coronavirus to others who are more vulnerable to serious disease or death, according to public health officials.

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Vaccines Have Been Found to Be Less Efficient at Preventing Covid-19 Infections in The Current Omicron Wave, According to Numerous Studies.

Vaccines, on the other hand, have regularly been demonstrated to be highly successful in reducing death and serious illness, according to studies. According to the Washington Post, the CDC stated on Friday that those 65 and older who developed COVID-19 were 49 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who had booster vaccine doses. Seniors who didn’t get a booster but got two Moderna shots, two Pfizer shots, or one Johnson & Johnson shot were 17 times more likely to be hospitalized.
COVID-19 has killed 865,000 people in the United States, including 10,474 people from Washington. COVID-19 has killed 1,179 people in Spokane County alone.

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