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Katie Joy Controversy: Katie Joy Sues Robert Shinn Over Claims Of Cult Membership!

katie joy controversy

Katie Joy, who was born in the United States on November 10th, 1978, is a well-known YouTube personality. In the eyes of astrologers, Katie Joy is a Scorpio.

Web celebrity well known for her channel Without a Crystal Ball. She has almost 190,000 followers thanks to her insightful discussions of pop culture and celebrity news, especially the Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting.

Katie Joy is 40 years old and was born in the United States on November 10th, 1978. Katie Joy will be 43 years old in 2022.

In her capacity as a journalist, she contributed frequently to Patheos. With over 650k views, “Jana Duggar ‘In Love’ with BFF Laura & Refuses to Court Any of Jim Bob Duggar’s Suitors: Source” is one of her most popular videos on YouTube.

Katie Joy Has Had Other People File Complaints Against Her Besides Robert Shinn

Katherine Manske Paulson is most widely known by her handle, Katie Joy, on social media. Katie has made it her life’s work to delve into and learn the truth about cults and the many people involved in the world of television.

For instance, she devoted a lot of time to cover the trial of Josh Duggar, from 19 Kids and Counting. Former Christley Knows Best host Todd Chrisley sued her last year in August. He said at the time, “100% happen.”

One of the many lawsuits Katie had to face was with Robert Shinn. Katie claimed that she obtained information from Todd’s estranged daughter Lindsie Chrisley, prompting a lawsuit from the Chrisleys. At least, that’s what their devoted fans believe. The current status of the litigation is unknown. According to Katie, the comedian and TV star was out to ruin her in 2021.

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What Led Up To Robert Shinn Filing His Lawsuit

The Sun recapped the situation on March 19, writing, “Shinn faces charges he is conducting a TikTok cult which has indoctrinated top dance talents.” According to the Derrick family, “the church has been accused…of recruiting her and other influencers with millions of followers working with Shinn’s 7M Films production and management company,” which is a reference to TikTok star Miranda Derrick.

The argument first surfaced in a video in which they basically conceded that they can’t provide any evidence to back up their claim that the church is a cult.

In 2009, “former church member Lydia Chung sued Robert Shinn for isolating her from her family, brainwashing her, and cheating her out of nearly $4 million,” according to the lawsuit.

It appeared that Shinn’s lawsuit was unsuccessful. Regardless, Without A Crystal Ball’s Katie Joy is the latest celebrity to find themselves in the middle of a legal battle. On YouTube and Instagram, Katie has been extremely open about her distaste for the church and Robert.

Discusses the Lawsuit (Katie Joy)

Katie Joy announced the lawsuit filed by Robert Shinn against the social media influencer on April 3 via Instagram. She sent a scan of the first page of the contract to her post. Then, she captioned the image with, “Let’s go!” Things are going to heat up in the realm of discovery.

She specifically mentioned that it wasn’t filed in a court of law. Moreover, this “escapes the jurisdiction of the courts in Minnesota.”

Katie Joy says she will “vigorously contest the charges & we will bring counter cases against them for their pages trashing me.” She also claims that the church is exploiting Lydia Chung’s lawsuit against it to defame her. As she pointed out, “Lydia” had already told “several media outlets” about her problems with Robert Shinn’s church and business.

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To Whom Does Katie Joy Currently Belong?

She is not dating anyone at the moment. She hasn’t started dating yet. It’s unclear if She’s ever been married before or if she’s even been in a serious relationship before.

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