Kim Garam Controversy: Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam Departs from K-Pop Female Group After Bullying Scandal

Singer Kim Garam (; sometimes known as “Gara” or “Gara”) is an ex-Korean singer. Previously, she was a member of the girl band LE SSERAFIM.


Kim Garam, the lead singer of Le Sserafim, initially withdrew from the K-pop scene in May after reports of bullying. To date, the band’s label has repeatedly denied allegations that the 16-year-old was involved in the bullying of a classmate.

Kim Garam, the group’s sixth member, has been confirmed to leave the group. As a result, the new K-pop female group Le Sserafim will only have five members. It was announced on July 20 that Kim, 16, had been released from her contract with Le Sserafim’s record label, Source Music, which meant the band would now consist just of five members.

After weeks of controversy in which she was accused of bullying and bad behaviour at school, Kim was removed from the group in mid-May and hasn’t been seen since that time.

As of May 2nd, Le Sserafim had their debut album, Fearless, out Source, a Hybe subsidiary and the organisation behind BTS, said repeatedly last month that Kim was not an abuser but rather the victim of bullying.

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Kim’s first hiatus was announced on May 19

The day after news broke that a former classmate had filed a lawsuit against the musician. As soon as Kim was announced as a member, Le Sserafim was hounded by rumours that the kid had previously been disciplined for school violence.

Before Kim’s hiatus was announced, Source Music had disputed most of the claims and rumours that had been floating around about her. Demands for Kim’s apology and acknowledgement of her acts by a former middle school classmate are made in a lawsuit filed by the boy, who alleges that Kim’s activities prompted him to contemplate suicide.

kim garam controversy

In addition, the kid demanded that Hybe release a statement outlining the company’s stance on bullying in the classroom. Although Kim’s version of the incident was stated to be more complicated in Source’s May statement, the firm claimed that she was acting forcefully in defence of a classmate.

It was stated that the person who filed the case had taken pictures of a friend changing clothes at school and posted them online, according to Kim’s account of the situation.

Kim claimed she was defending a friend when she used abusive language and made threats that landed her in front of a commission looking into acts of school violence. As well as debunking other rumours, the business stated that she was not involved with any underage drinking or smoking or gang fights and that she had never been cut from a girl group for her conduct.

As a result of charges and accusations about their prior behaviour against peers, the careers of several South Korean celebs and sports have been put on hold as a result of school bullying. Many K-pop singers, like Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, have had to deal with claims, apologise, and take time away from their careers in the past year, including Soojin, the lead singer of (G)I-dle.


It was announced on April 5th that Garam would be joining LE SSERAFIM as a second member. Fearless, their debut album, was released on May 2, 2022. According to a press release dated July 20th, Source Music had cancelled its deal with Garam.


  • She, too, is an ISTP, much like Chaewon.
  • It’s normal for her to charge her phone when it’s between 10 and 15 per cent charged.
  • It’s a Korean name that translates to “river.”
  • In 2018, she was turned down for a job with Source Music after her first try.
  • She has a younger sibling.

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Activities Leading up To Le Sserafim’s Debut

When Produce 48 debuted in 2018, this was the lineup: Sakura, Yunjin, and Chaewon. When Ano Hito Ano Hi was released in 2011, Sakura made her debut as an actress.

The citation for this statement is not available. In the same year, she became a first-generation trainee with the Japanese idol group HKT48. HKT48 Team KIV accepted her in 2014 after she was elevated to a full-time member in 2012. As of June 27, 2021, Sakura will have completed her ten years with the group.

kim garam controversy

Huh, Yun-jin, Kim Chae-won, and Sakura all competed in Produce 48, a reality competition show, in 2018. Both Yunjin and Chaewon worked for Pledis Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment. [8] [9] Sakura and Chaewon, who came in second and tenth, were inducted into the Iz*One project girl group’s final line-up and will continue to promote as members until the group disbands in April 29, 2021. was eliminated in episode 11 after finishing in 26th position.

Big Hit Music founder Bang Si-hyuk personally scouted Kazuha during her studies at the Dutch National Ballet Academy in the Netherlands, where she was a professional ballerina before joining the group. Kazuha has also studied at the Bolshoi Academy in Moscow, Russia, and the Royal Ballet School in London, England.

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