Liv Golf Controversy Explained: How Did the Players React? and More Details

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An exclusive golf club north of London will host the series’ first event this week, which has already sparked controversy due to Saudi Arabian funding. The organizers had hoped for certain outcomes, but those haven’t always come to pass.

As far as I know, no one knows. Who’s manning the controls? So, what’s the big deal, and how can you follow along? You should know the following.

Golf Liv, What Is That?

Slick marketing and big-name players are part of the appeal of the new Saudi Arabian golf series, which is being funded by the country’s sovereign wealth fund. One of their slogans reads, “Golf, but louder!”

liv golf controversy explained

There are hopes that LIV Golf will be a player-power-focused alternative to the PGA Tour, which has been the highest level of professional golf for nearly a century.
Critics, including some of the best players in the world, have branded it an unseemly money grab.

Explaining Phil Mickelson’s Liv Saga

Initially silent on his position on the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league breakaway, Mickelson has now spoken out about his support for the new league. Eight- and nine-figure fees were offered as a way to lure golf’s best players from the PGA to join the new league. A financial arm of the Saudi government, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), backs the LIV Golf Investments company that runs the league.

While Alan Shipnuck, the author of “Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar,” reported in February that Mickelson had called and brought up the league, it’s unclear whether or not that’s still the case.

In Mickelson’s words, “they’re a scary mother—ers to get involved with,” Shipnuck reported. As far as we know, they killed Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post reporter, and they have a terrible human rights record.” The punishment for homosexuality is death in that country. It’s hard to believe I’d even consider it with everything I know now. The PGA Tour has an unprecedented opportunity to reshape its business model.

Due to our lack of recourse, they were able to get away with using coercive, strong-arm tactics against us. ” For as nice as Jay Monahan appears to be, the PGA Tour commissioner won’t do what’s right for you without some sort of leverage. With the help of Saudi funds, we’ve finally gained some clout. Although I have no desire for [the SGL to be successful], the mere thought of it is allowing us to accomplish things with the [PGA] Tour.”

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The Pga Tour Suspended Them for An Unknown Reason.

To play in an event that conflicts with the PGA Tour’s schedule, members must first request and receive a waiver from the Tour.

The PGA Tour had made it clear months ago that it would take action against any of its players who joined, so the punishments came as no shock to anybody. Thus, the tour dropped the hammer just moments after the first shots were struck on Thursday.

liv golf controversy explained

“In accordance with the PGA Tour’s tournament regulations, the players competing this week without releases are suspended or otherwise no longer eligible to participate in PGA Tour tournament play, including the Presidents Cup,” the tour stated in a statement to its members. As well as the PGA Tour said the suspensions applied to all PGA Tour affiliates, including the lower-level Korn Ferry Tour as well as tours in Canada and Latin America, as well as the PGA Tour Champions, which caters to golfers over 50.

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I’m Curious as To how The Players Responded.

Caginess, disappointment, and contempt mingled. However, some players did not learn of their suspensions until after they had finished their rounds, even though the bans were announced almost immediately after the players had fired their first shot.

Graeme McDowell, the defending U.S. Open champion, said he was prepared for the punishment and had already spoken to lawyers. Phil Mickelson, whose participation has piqued the most interest, declined to comment.

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That’s a Lot Different than The Pga Tour, Right?

PGA Tour events typically feature four rounds of stroke play, in which players compete to post the lowest score. Players and viewers may find the LIV Golf format unfamiliar, but the goal of completing the 18-hole course in the fewest number of shots is the same for everyone.

Is There a Specific Number of Events?

This year, there are eight, but plans are in the works to expand to ten next year and even more in the future. The first seven tournaments of the year constitute LIV Golf’s regular season. There will be a four-day, seeded match-play championship for teams on the eighth day.

Season-ending championships all offer multimillion-dollar paydays to eligible players.

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