Matt Walsh Controversy: Trolls on The Anti-Trans Documentary Attempted to Manipulate Trans People Into Participating


An American right-wing political commentator, Matthew “Matt” Walsh (born June 18, 1986) The Daily Wire has a podcast called The Matt Walsh Show, which Walsh hosts.


As an AM talk radio personality in Delaware, Walsh relocated to Lexington, Kentucky, in 2012 to work for NewsRadio 630.

Matt Walsh began working for The Blaze TV in October of that year. He was also a Huffington Post contributor. In October 2017, he started writing for The Daily Wire. The Ingraham Angle[non-primary source needed] and Fox and Friends[non-primary source needed are just a few of the shows he’s featured on.

To combat leftist assaults on family, marriage, and gender equality, Walsh penned three books: The Unholy Trinity (2017); Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians (2020); and Johnny the Walrus (2019). (2021). For months in December 2021, Amazon’s LGBT+ bestseller list included Johnny the Walrus, an allegory for transgender identity in children’s books.

Matt Walsh Controversy

Many trans individuals and doctors were tricked into taking part in a documentary against them by a right-wing podcaster working for Ben Shapiro’s right-wing publication, The Daily Wire, this week, according to a renowned trans activist.

Matt Walsh, who has a long history of using overtly prejudiced language, has recently become a prominent anti-trans voice in the right movement. The former shock jock’s cartoonishly cruel rants towards the LGBTQ community have only strengthened his public profile and earned him right-wing media celebrity, including regular appearances on Fox News.

The trollish actions of Walsh continue to rise as he progresses. Because of the outcry, Amazon reclassified his transphobic children’s book entitled “Johnny the Walrus” from the “LGBTQ” best-seller list late last year. “So I’m an LGBT author and I think one of the leading LGBT voices in the country right now according to Amazon, and I embrace that,” Walsh boasted to Fox News in December.

matt walsh controversy

A few days after gaining notoriety for his controversial appearance on Dr. Phil, Walsh appears to have chosen to take his campaign against “gender ideology” to a new level. As Project Veritas has taught him, he recently attempted to con a number of trans persons and medical experts into volunteering for an anti-trans documentary.

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A member of Walsh’s team was able to disclose Walsh’s deceit

According to a producer from a group calling itself the Gender Unity Project who contacted writer and co-founder Eli Erlick via Twitter, Erlick had been asked to be a part of their documentary about the trans community and had offered to join.

Makenna Lynn was a producer who, according to Erlick, offered to fly the trans activist to various locations for filming, but then unexpectedly canceled. As a result, Erlick ended up being brought to Nashville, which is where Walsh lives and where The Daily Wire is currently based.

Erlick learned that Makenna Lynn was actually Makenna Waters, an associate producer for The Matt Walsh Show who had worked on hundreds of the right-wing troll’s broadcasts.

By discovering the Gender Unity Project’s limited liability business file in Colorado, Erlick exposed the group’s fraud even further. The trans activist learned that the agent on that registration was Justin Folk, a right-wing documentarian who has worked on projects for Walsh and the far-right content mill PragerU.

matt walsh controversy

The Daily Wire, Walsh, and Waters did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this article from The Daily Beast.

Waters deactivated her Twitter account and Folk made his private shortly after Erlick wrote a lengthy Twitter thread detailing the Walsh gambit. By Tuesday morning, Twitter had shut down a fake Gender Unity Project Twitter account. There was no word from Twitter’s public relations department.)

On the basis of the public and private responses to Erlick’s writings, it appears that Walsh’s anti-trans project contacted at least 50 trans persons and doctors. A total of nine people have told Erlick that Walsh’s crew approached them, and one of those people actually shot portions for the false documentary, according to her interview with The Daily Beast.

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What did Debi Jackson comment on Erlick’s Facebook page?

An advocate for transgender youngsters, Debi Jackson commented on Erlick’s Facebook page that Waters had tried to reassure her that the video wouldn’t feature “any intolerance.” Jackson and her 14-year-old trans child Avery were not interested in participating. Makenna Lynn—who was impersonating Makenna Lynn Waters—is said to have asked Jackson a series of questions about how the show was being funded, whether transgender people were engaged, and whether it would include people who oppose transgender rights.

matt walsh controversy

“We have a very tiny workforce of around six persons. We are a small group of cisgender people, and I don’t want to mislead you. All of us were familiar with one another from previous initiatives, so we joined together out of a desire to aid the community and common enthusiasm for this project and topic,” Waters responded, as described in the text of an email that Jackson shared on Facebook.

“In terms of the people we’ve interviewed in the past, we’ve had a very diverse group!” As the producer explains, “We’re currently doing interviews in Africa, which has been a wonderful experience.”

This “Gender Unity Initiative” website, she told The Daily Beast, was an “instant red flag” and made her exceedingly apprehensive about moving through with the project.

Since realizing that Walsh was in charge, Jackson claimed she learned the far-right commentator was openly hounding her and her child for at least five years now. An HBO documentary series has also highlighted Avery. (National Geographic has included Avery.)

“To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me that they adore utilizing various deceptive techniques like that,” she remarked. That the anti-trans movement and individuals like Matt Walsh are cold, calculating, and heartless is demonstrated by this.

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What’s unique about this case is that he knows there was some sort of involvement by a child,” Jackson said. He wasn’t simply going after me because I was a parent. As a participant, Avery is willing to take children’s remarks and distort them in order to make fun of them, and twist them to fit his own agenda. This time, they specifically asked for Avery’s participation. He understands that this is hurting children, and that’s what enrages me the most.

When Waters revealed that she was in Africa at the time of her email to Jackson, Erlick pointed out to The Daily Beast, that is matched with a project Walsh has recently boasted about on social media. In fact, Walsh recently returned from Africa, where he had been filming the project, just three days ago.

What Erlick spoke to the Daily Beast?

By the time Erlick spoke to the Daily Beast, it was clear what he would face. “It attempts to drive a wedge between issues of poverty in Africa and the transgender movement. End result: trans concerns are being portrayed as “a first-world problem.”

As the first transgender mixed-martial arts fighter, Fallon Fox disclosed, Walsh’s production company approached her to “feel them out” over the proposal. Tweeted a screenshot of the interview request from Waters, which she had received The MMA athlete Fallon, who told The Daily Beast in 2020 of her “living horror” after Joe Rogan spearheaded an anti-trans campaign to have her banned from fighting,

“They just sounded suspicious and really ignorant of trans issues, so I said no on an interview,” Fallon commented in response to Erlick’s tweets. “This all reinforces my suspicions. Avoid Makenna Lynn at all costs!

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Erlick has exposed Walsh’s lie, but he isn’t celebrating

matt walsh controversy

As of now, the only thing we can do is go through and report all of his accounts until his social media networks can no longer dodge suspending him, she said in an interview with The Daily Beast. Discrimination regulations and misgendering restrictions are being ignored by him because they refuse to ban him. He’s making the most of his freedom as a result.” It’s imperative that we report his accounts and ensure that the platforms really maintain their regulations as the next step.

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