Mets Thumbs Down Controversy: The Mets Defeated a Sickly Washington Nationals Team that Had Been Gutted by Trades 9-4 on Sunday


Francisco Lindor, Javier Baez, and Kevin Pillar celebrated a win by giving thumbs-down motions at the fans who had booed them, demonstrating their sensitivity.
The Mets’ sanctimonious self-image is the funniest thing about them. They repeatedly highlight that they are all about positivity and that anyone who doubts them or points out a flaw is a hater. They appear to believe that regardless of their performance, they are entitled to praise.
“Mets supporters, trust in us and don’t just believe, know,” Pete Alonso started three weeks ago after the Mets dropped out of first place. “All we have to do now is grin and know that we’ve got this.”
The supporters, for the most part, go along with it because they want to believe in Alonso and his great colleagues. But now it’s personal, and with the Mets’ roster infected with a resentful mindset, it was all but inevitable.

The Mets Defeated a Sickly Washington Nationals Team that Had Been Gutted by Trades 9-4 on Sunday

After a 2-11 streak against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants that exposed them as pretenders, it handed them a series victory. They are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the fifth year in a row.

Mets Thumbs Down Controversy

The Mets, on the other hand, were pleased with themselves after defeating the Nationals. They became so arrogant that certain players, including Javier Baez, Francisco Lindor, and Kevin Pillar, decided to teach those obnoxious spectators a lesson by flashing thumbs-down gestures to Citi Field patrons.

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What Did It Indicate? Here’s how Baez Explained It After the Game at His Virtual News Conference

“It’s just the boos,” Baez, who homered on Sunday and is now hitting.210 as a Met, said. “We’re not machines; we’re going to have to work hard.” Seven times out of ten, we’re going to struggle. It merely hurts when I strike out and am booed — it doesn’t bother me — but I want to let them know that if we’re successful, we’ll do the same thing to let them know how it feels.

Mets Thumbs Down Controversy

“Because if we win together, we have to lose together, and the fans play a huge role in that.” They had to get better in my instance. I play for the fans, and I love the fans, but if they do that, they’re just adding to the team’s pressure, which isn’t what we want.”

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Was that A Vote of No Confidence in The Fans?

“Yeah, I mean, to let them know that if we don’t succeed, we’ll be booed, and if we do succeed, they’ll be booed as well.”

“We can’t have our fans against us,” Baez continued, reiterating his respect for the fans.

Baez was correct on a couple of points: it is really difficult to hit, as he knows. He was placed 109th in on-base percentage among the 110 major leaguers with at least 600 plate appearances over the last two seasons, at.269. The players, on the other hand, aren’t robots.

Mets Thumbs Down Controversy

The supporters, on the other hand, aren’t happy. They boo because they want to cheer and because they are expecting more from the game. Is it, as Baez indicated, counterproductive? Sure. Do fans (or the news media, for that matter) realize how difficult it is to make it to the majors? Certainly not.

Lindor Has a Decade to Absorb that Message and Put the Other Lessons He Is Now Learning Into Practise.

Baez, who was acquired from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for a top prospect, outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong, was an ill-advised rental, will be a free agent this fall, as well Pillar.

Pillar (.212 batting average) brushed down the incident on Twitter, claiming that the squad was merely having fun and not booing the fans. He also added the hashtag #poopootake — a favorite phrase of pitcher Marcus Stroman, who sells caps with the motto for $35 on his fashion company’s website — to a user who reprimanded him for not respecting the fans.

Pillar was retweeted by Stroman. Then pitcher Taijuan Walker retweeted Stroman’s response to Pillar, in which Stroman blamed the entire situation on the news media. Nobody used the forum to express regret, even if there had been a misunderstanding.

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The Mets’ President, Sandy Alderson, Scrambled to Contain the Damage. Sunday Evening

“Any gestures by him or other players with a similar aim are entirely wrong and will not be accepted,” the statement said, referring to Baez.

“Mets supporters are naturally frustrated by the team’s recent performance,” Alderson continued. Fans at Citi Field have every right to express their dissatisfaction, just as the players and the organization do. Every fan has the right to boo.

Mets Thumbs Down Controversy

The Mets will not accept any player gesture that is disrespectful to our supporters or has a negative connotation. I’ll be visiting with our players and staff to personally deliver this message.”

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