Neil Gaiman Controversy: His Racist Twitter Post Controversy Described

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An English writer of short stories, novels, comic books, graphic novels, nonfiction, audio theatre, and films, Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman (/emn/; born Neil Richard Gaiman on 10 November 1960) is known for his work in a variety of media. This writer is well known for his work on the comic book series The Sandman as well as his books such as The Graveyard Book and American Gods.

In addition to the Newbery and Carnegie medals that he has earned, he has also won the Hugo and Nebula awards. With The Graveyard Book, he became the first author to receive the Newbery and Carnegie awards for the same book (2008). The British National Book Awards was named The Ocean at the End of the Lane Book of the Year in 2013. At London’s Royal National Theatre, The Independent termed it “…theatre at its best.” The drama was later transformed into a critically lauded stage production.

Neil Gaiman’s Twitter Controversy: Is the Author Racist?

Gaiman stated on social media that he “gives all the fucks” about his work. “I fought awful movies like ‘Sandman‘ for 30 years with great success.” When folks who haven’t read “Sandman” complain about a nonbinary Desire or that Death isn’t white enough, I give zero fucks. It is up to you to decide after watching the show.

Gaiman responded to a fan’s question about Desire’s gender identity by saying, “Well, yes. Unless, of course, you’ve read the comics. People who are yelling and screaming “seem to have bypassed this step.”

To quote another reader, “Desire was actually the first time I encountered in fiction the idea of a person being non-binary,” according to Gaiman’s post. Because non-binary persons were introduced to me in the actual world, it was a boost to my confidence.

No doubt, Neil Gaiman is one of science fiction and fantasy’s greatest writers. There was some debate about the author’s race after a tweet on it, but Gaiman denies that he’s racist and that his characters in the TV show “Good Omens” are particularly unpleasant.

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There’s no evidence that the author is racist, and the author’s answer to a Twitter troll was received positively by his fans. As soon as the Twitter troll saw a fantasy comedy-drama about a demon and an advertisement angel living on Earth’s surface, he freaked out (Played by Frances McDormand). To make matters more complicated, Adam and Eve are both black people.


In March 2013, BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra aired a six-part radio play adaptation of Neverwhere by Dirk Maggs. James McAvoy, who plays Richard, is joined by Natalie Dormer, Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lee, Bernard Cribbens, and Johnny Vegas as some of the show’s stars.

Terry Pratchett and Neal Gaiman collaborated on Good Omens for the first time with BBC Radio 4 in September 2014, which culminated in a final hour-long apocalyptic showdown that aired on December 3rd. As Duke Aubrey in a BBC Radio 4 version of Hope Mirrlees’ Lud-in-the-Mist, a novel Gaiman had previously declared one of his favorites (and contributed a foreword to an edition by Cold Spring Press), in 2021 Gaiman was cast as Duke Aubrey.

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Theatrical performances

Amanda Palmer, a musician, has toured with Gaiman on several occasions, and he frequently reads from his work, including stories and poetry he has written. Although he has “no kind of singing voice,” he has performed with “a novelist’s version of singing during some of these concerts.

neil gaiman controversy

For the Long Now Foundation, Gaiman gave a 100-minute lecture titled “How Stories Last” in which he discussed the essence of storytelling and how stories endure in human culture. The Big Bang Theory featured Neil Gaiman’s tweet regarding the show’s fictional comic book store in an episode titled “The Comet Polarization” in April 2018.

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