Nicaraguan government is called to investigate the killings of two more of Nicaraguan’s indigenous residents, UN announces.

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The UN Human Rights called some attention to the murders of another two indigenous citizens on Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast. The Nicaraguan government’s attention is called.

People are calling the attention of the Nicaraguan government to investigate and punish the responsible for two more killings

The Human Rights Office asked the Nicaraguan government to investigate and prosecute the killers. However, the Nicaraguan government has yet to confirm or comment on the killings.

“The communities in this region have been seriously affected by violence in 2023,” the United Nations office shared through its social media platforms pointing to the Nicaraguan government.

The Bosawas natural reserve, where the attacks took place, is designated for Indigenous tribes and environmental preservation. However, residents want to clear the area for ranching and farming. Illegal mining and logging have also harmed the reserve.

In Nicaragua, where many of the settlers are assumed to be former soldiers, crimes like this frequently go unpunished.

The U.N. The rights office demanded that the Nicaraguan government investigate and find those responsible for the brutal acts, take action to prevent this from happening again, and protect the victims and their families’ rights.

According to the Del Ro Foundation, the newest victims were two park wardens who belonged to the Mayagna Sauni As tribe.

Sergio Julián and Serato Juwith Charly were working in the Indigenous natural reserve of Bosawas, which is mostly inhabited by the Mayagna and Miskitu peoples.

Julian, 42, was shot by four men in the hamlet of Betlehem on Sunday, according to Prilaka, an indigenous rights organization. According to the report, Charly, 23, was killed on Wednesday by suspected squatters in the village of Wilu. The Nicaraguan government confirmed.

In March, suspected settlers attacked Wilu, killing five Mayagna natives and injuring three more. Still, the Nicaraguan government has done nothing.

A number of attacks have targeted the Mayangna and Miskito communities in recent years, killing over three dozen indigenous leaders and community members.

According to the Del Ro Foundation, around 60% of the Mayangnas region has been occupied by about 5,000 settlers since 2015, displacing about 3,000 Indigenous populations.

Indigenous activists claim that President Daniel Ortega’s Nicaraguan government has done insufficient to solve concerns in the jungle region. His administration strongly rejects this.

The Nicaraguan government should take action on this to prevent this kind of brutal attack on the indigenous people of Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast to happen again.

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