Nick Kyrgios Controversy: Why Is Australian Tennis Pro Such a Hot Topic and During the US Open, Kyrgios Reports of Marijuana!

Nick Kyrgios (/kris/ KIRR-ee-oss; born April 27, 1995) is an Australian tennis pro. On October 24, 2016, Kyrgios reached his highest ATP singles ranking ever, placing 13th in the world.


He has won seven ATP Tour singles championships, including the 2019 and 2022 Washington Opens, and appeared in eleven finals overall, including a major championship match at the 2022 Wimbledon Open and a Masters 1000 tournament match at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters.

Kyrgios reached his highest doubles ranking of No. 18 on 22 August 2022 after winning the 2022 Australian Open with Thanasi Kokkinakis and advancing to the 2022 Miami Open semifinals with the same partner.

Kyrgios won the junior singles title in the 2013 Australian Open, as well as doubles titles at the 2012 French Open, 2012 Wimbledon Championships, and 2013 Wimbledon Championships.

He has played in the final of a major tournament (the 2022 Wimbledon Championships) and in the semifinals of three others (2016, 2018, and 2020 U.S. Opens) (at 2014 Wimbledon, upsetting then-world No. 1 Rafael Nadal en route, 2015 Australian Open and the 2022 US Open, upsetting then-world No. 1 Daniil Medvedev en route).

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The Canberran claimed to umpire Jaume Campistol that he could smell marijuana as his opponent stepped up the pressure in the second set. The Australian was also correct in that one could easily detect the odour of marijuana from the courtside. Campistol once asked spectators to not smoke near a court that had a festive atmosphere.

As an asthmatic, Nick Kyrgios was concerned the odour would throw him off balance. Someone who suffers from severe asthma, he said. “I’m having trouble breathing while I’m running side to side, so it’s probably not something I want to be breathing in between points.”

nick kyrgios controversy

Louis Armstrong Stadium is not your typical tennis venue; it is located only around two kilometres from the house where the legendary musician whose name graces the court spent the final 28 years of his life.

Although Kyrgios is often criticised for creating a chaotic atmosphere on the court, the atmosphere from courtside on Armstrong is reminiscent of a carnival, especially as the warm summer days turn into balmy evenings.

The court had an award-winning renovation in 2018 and reopened to the public with a new, open concourse between the lower terrace and nosebleed area, giving it a feel all its own. While the increased airflow is welcome on hot summer days, it can make it difficult for tennis players to drop shots on a five-cent piece due to the wind.

People Are Always Coming and Going from The Concourse

There is a steady, loud buzz coming from the beer lines and the food queues at the neighbouring restaurants. Considering this, the norms of silence and sitting down during a point are rendered moot. There’s a whole lot occurring right now.

With Kyrgios’s propensity for distraction, the accumulated effects of these factors make it more challenging for him to win a match. If he gets worked up during the final at polite Wimbledon, where he got in trouble for an altercation with a fan, this was bound to be a difficult setting for him.

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He Claimed the Court Had an Electric Atmosphere

Wimbledon was very prim and proper. As an Australian, he noted, “you kind of expect it there at the Australian Open.” But it’s just noisy here. Please use point-and-shoot; I can’t hear you. It’s so loud here that I can’t even hear my own squad most of the time.

Even though I have a history of distraction, I am making a concerted effort to concentrate on the game at hand while listening to the sounds of passing trains and pedestrians in Armstrong today. It’s challenging since there are so many interruptions.

nick kyrgios controversy

Obviously, there was a lot of heckling as well. The general public is making some comments. These days, I have to watch every word I utter very closely. The 23rd seed, who faces American wildcard JJ Wolf in the third round on Friday, served less effectively than he has throughout his most reliable season.

Despite facing multiple break points in the closing parts of the fourth set, Kyrgios still managed to serve out the match with 30 aces, some of which came at crucial periods. There were times when regret set in.

Negative behaviour included spitting on the court after losing service at 4-all in the third set and repeatedly berating his fan section. Increased anticipation is a contributing factor to his annoyance.

Now that he’s been to a Wimbledon final, he thinks he can compete at the highest levels of any major he enters. Stress levels are higher now.

When asked about his tennis expectations, he confidently stated, “At every tournament I play, I anticipate playing excellent tennis. “When compared with the same time last year… Many factors have contributed to my current tennis form, but regardless, I couldn’t be happier with how my game is going.

The Challenge Presented by Bonzi’s Tenacity Should Serve to Sharpen Kyrgios’ Game

The Frenchman is younger by a year, but he didn’t break into the big leagues until he won six Challenger Tour events in a single season. His experience as a substitute teacher for so long has toughened him up.

He refused to give up after surrendering the first two sets against Kyrgios and instead doubled down on his attack, although he will be left to lament some missed opportunities in the fourth set.

Kyrgios will return to the arena. If he were to beat Wolf, he would likely face world No. 1, Daniil Medvedev. In terms of men’s competition, this would be the biggest game so yet.

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A Serve Made Using the Underside of The Arm

nick kyrgios controversy

At the 2019 Mexican Open, Kyrgios utilised the underarm serve for the first time in a match against Rafael Nadal, who afterwards claimed it was against the rules and accused Kyrgios of “lacking respect” for his opponent and the fans.

Kyrgios is widely recognised as the man who brought the underarm serve back to the ATP tour, and he has utilised it more frequently than any other professional tennis player.

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