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Why Did Super Freaky Girl Rapper and Latto Fight Over a Grammy Nomination?

nicki minaj and latto controversy

The Grammys haven’t even finished their first round of voting yet, and they’ve already caused a significant scandal in the hip-hop community and beyond by publicizing the fight between artists Nicki Minaj and Latto.

While complaining that the Grammys are giving too much attention to fresh artists in the rap categories, Nicki Minaj has gone to Instagram stories to attack up-and-coming rap stars like Latto.

Minaj expressed her displeasure with the 2023 Grammys’ decision to reclassify “Super Freaky Girl” as a pop song during an Instagram Live broadcast.

Grammys Drama Sparks Explosive Twitter Battle Between Nicki Minaj and Latto

Latto took to Twitter to express her confusion at being pulled into the discussion, stating, “Damn I can’t win for losing…all these awards/noms I can’t even rejoice.”

Kodak Black has been vocal in his displeasure with the 23-year-recent old’s win at the BET Hip Hop Award for Song of the Year. She went so far as to predict that “no Black women” would be featured in rap albums in the future.

After the younger rapper was called names like “Karen” and “Scratch Off” by Minaj, the latter posted a screenshot of a text conversation between the two in which Latto indicated she agreed with Minaj but didn’t think her name needed to be brought up.

Nicki Minaj speculated that Karen had revealed her association with Minaj in over a hundred interviews. A scratch-off card reads, “Says she stood in line for Pink Friday with her Barbie chain on, bangs, pink hair…but today, scratch-off decides to keep silent; rather than speak up for the black woman she named her biggest inspiration.”

She “didn’t want to do the online [s**t]” with someone she “looked up to,” Latto texted back.

“I wanted to speak up since as I said, I do agree, but the manner u going about it sounds malicious,” Latto stated. “Since March, I’ve completely disregarded innumerable subtweets in favor of direct messages to u. To be mean, u r older than my mom, @NICKIMINAJ.”

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Latto Attempts an Offline Conversation with Nicki but Responds Indirectly

Upon learning of Nicki’s remarks, Latto resorted to social media to express her displeasure at being singled out for doing nothing.

Damn, I just keep losing and never win. The rapper said on Twitter, “I can’t even enjoy all these awards/nominations.”

Eventually, Minaj would let it slip that Latto had tried to have an offline conversation with her to better comprehend her perspective.

But Minaj would have none of that, and she broadcast their conversation, which only served to inflame things further.

Minaj turned to Twitter when Latto’s attempt to defuse the situation via direct message backfired, calling the half-white Atlanta rapper an “entitled Karen” and claiming she chose silence rather than defend the black woman Latto has repeatedly referred to as “her biggest inspiration.”

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The Heated Twitter feud erupted after Minaj took issue with the Grammys moving ‘Super Freaky Girl’ from rap to pop, which she claims tilts the chances in Latto’s favor. Nicki Minaj’s dissatisfaction with her Grammy genre shift has culminated in the newest rap dispute. Minaj said that Latto had interacted with her offline in an attempt to understand where she was coming from. Minaj has already deleted her tweets addressed at Latto, but as of the publication of this piece, Latto’s side of the debate is still live on the platform.

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