Pete Davidson Controversy: Regarding Pete Davidson, NBC Delivers a Comment


When Pete Davidson, a cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” was spotted out having fun with Kim Kardashian in late 2021, a lot of fans were taken aback. Eight months after filing for divorce from her spouse Kanye West, the KKW Beauty CEO and “SNL” host reportedly met while she hosted the show in October 2021. (via Us Weekly). Just a few days later, Kardashian and Davidson were photographed holding hands at Knott’s Scary Farm. With a string of outings and supper dates, their connection looked to intensify from there. Even a vacation to the Bahamas to ring in the new year was taken by the couple.

The comedian has allegedly been acting differently since starting a connection with Kardashian, according to individuals close to Davidson this week. An insider informed The Sun that Pete had transformed into a complete diva on “SNL.” “He didn’t attend the first few days of practice last week but was nonetheless permitted to perform on Saturday. Normally, missing any rehearsals means you won’t be performing on Saturday night, and the cast is starting to dislike him “the source said further. “Additionally, he is now protected when he is outside the premises. Pete is receiving more attention despite the fact that Colin [Jost] married Scarlett Johansson, a real movie star.”

Regarding Pete Davidson, NBC delivers a comment.

The Sun reports that Pete Davidson is allegedly acting like a “diva” since he started dating Kim Kardashian, but it appears like NBC is clearing the air. The network is now refuting claims that Davidson was acting improperly on the “Saturday Night Life” set, according to a network representative.

pete davidson controversy

On January 20, an NBC representative issued a statement to Us Weekly stating, “No rehearsals have been missed.” On Thursday, the spokeswoman said, “It’s not true. The opinions of Davidson’s fellow “SNL” cast members regarding his relationship with the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star remains unknown. However, his co-star Keenan Thompson did make a brief statement regarding the couple’s relationship. According to Thompson, “I think we were all astonished.”

Big Stars Who Lead Ordinary Lives

It’s commonly accepted that your life changes radically once you become a major star and start earning serious money. Some people may shy away from a more opulent lifestyle, while others may lust after it. But what if megastar celebrities’ fame and wealth, while welcome, did not materially change their lives?

What about the renowned people who continue to shop at Whole Foods, forego personal assistants, and joyfully clip coupons to guarantee they always receive the greatest deals?

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The legendary Jay Leno, who has hosted late-night talk shows for 30 years, is unquestionably one of, if not the most, well-known hosts of all time. He is known for his unbreakable chin. At the time of writing, his alleged net worth is somewhere around $350 million. Leno worked two jobs in his teens, one for bills and spending money and the other just for saving, according to reports, so he learned how to save early on, just like numerous other people on this list.

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pete davidson controversy

Grohl admitted in a 2003 interview (via Business Insider) that despite having plenty of money to live off of, he is “afraid to spend it.” The multi-instrumentalist and immensely well-liked rock musician apparently fears becoming broke because he never completed high school.

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