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Pogo Controversy: How Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Went Terribly Wrong as The Campfire Is a Bad Sign for Niantic’s Speculated Game!

pogo controversy

Niantic, in conjunction with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, released Pokémon Go in 2016 for iOS and Android smartphones as augmented reality (AR) mobile game based on the Pokémon series. It involves using a mobile device equipped with GPS to track down, capture, train, and battle digital monsters known as Pokémon that appear to be in the player’s actual location.

The game is free to play thanks to its use of a freemium business model, which includes local advertising and in-app purchases for extra content. At its debut, there were only about 150 Pokémon species; by 2021, that number had ballooned to about 700.

The introduction of Pokémon Go was met with a range of reactions, from acclaim for the game’s concept to harsh criticism of its technical shortcomings. With over 500 million downloads by year’s end, it was undoubtedly one of the most popular and lucrative mobile apps of 2016.

It has been credited for increasing interest in location-based and augmented reality technologies, getting more people moving, and giving a boost to local economies through increased foot traffic. On the other hand, it was met with criticism for causing traffic accidents and other disruptions to the public.


Fans of Pokemon GO are once again complaining about Niantic because of changes to Incense, which may indicate that the new game, Campfire, may have trouble attracting players.

Pokemon GO has given players a fascinating new method to enjoy their beloved collectible creatures for quite some time. As an alternative to exploring a made-up world in pursuit of Pokemon, Pokemon GO players can go out into the real world and meet monsters, earning rewards as they do so.

While the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO has improved its interaction with player movement over the years by adding features like collecting bonus Candy from a Buddy Pokemon, this does not mean that the two have always been inseparable. Instead, a renewed debate about planned modifications to Incense in Pokemon GO has reopened old scars.

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Niantic has adjusted Pokemon GO’s Incense

It makes it such that unless players are actively moving, the spawn rate of Pokemon is significantly decreased while Incense is active. Players of Pokemon GO have taken to the internet to voice their disapproval of the recent update.

Although this is bad news for Pokemon GO in general, Niantic‘s newest legal battle is significant since the company is rumored to be working on a new game. Niantic has recently registered a trademark for “Campfire,” which may indicate the creation of a new product, yet if the company’s reputation is cemented by player indignation, it may be difficult for the product to gain traction.

Niantic Also Recognized a Bug that Impacted Raids

Many players have experienced a freeze in-game while participating in a raid due to a number of difficulties. In my own experience, I’ve had a distant raid end because I was too far away, a raid midway through because eggs hatched, and a raid that froze as soon as the Pokemon was vanquished.

Players lost not just their time and potential gains, but also any money they may have spent on Raid Passes due to this glitch. All of these minor irritations added together, making the whole thing feel like a sloppy, pointless slog.

As of late, the Pokemon Go community hasn’t had the best of relationships with Niantic, and this has just added to the general malaise surrounding this occasion.

The Incense nerf earlier this year and the increase in the price of Remote Raid Passes last month have stoked a lot of animosity among players who feel Niantic is neglecting what people want from Pokemon Go, and this Go Fest seems to have confirmed a lot of those thoughts.

This pessimism is also influencing people’s expectations for the rest of this month, including the Pokemon TCG crossover event and Adventure Week. Go Fest 2022 was supposed to be a powerful community event that would remind players why they love Pokemon Go, but instead it only seemed to make things worse.

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The Plus Version of Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go Plus was created by Nintendo’s Platform Technology Development division and uses Bluetooth Low Energy to let players take specific activities in the game without having to glance at their mobile device. The Plus will give off a vibration whenever the player is in close proximity to a Pokémon or a PokéStop.

Next, the player presses the button to either capture the Pokémon or acquire things from the PokéStop; however, the player will not be able to see what they have obtained until they log back into the app on their mobile device. A Poké Ball and the outline of a Google Maps pin make up the design.

To encourage adoption among those for whom the cost of a wristwatch would be too much, the team decided to build a dedicated gadget rather than code an app for existing watches. On September 16, 2016, it was made available in the United Kingdom and North America.

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