Priti Patel Controversy: Following the Truss Triumph, British Politician Resigns as Uk Home Secretary!

Born on March 29, 1972, Priti Sushil Patel is a British politician who held the position of Home Secretary from 2019 to 2022. Conservative Party member who served as Secretary of State for International Development between 2016 and 2017.

Patel was first elected to represent the Witham constituency in 2010. She identifies with the Conservative Party’s hard right and uses terms like “Thatcherite” to describe herself.

Patel’s parents were immigrants from Uganda and India, therefore he spent his early years in the United Kingdom. Both Keele University and the University of Essex contributed to her academic background.

She got her start in politics with the Referendum Party but was so moved by Margaret Thatcher that she eventually switched to the Conservative Party. Before pursuing a career in politics, she was employed by Weber Shandwick, a public relations consulting firm, for several years.


Priti Patel, the current Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, announced her resignation from the Cabinet in a letter to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and stated that she will vote for Liz Truss, Johnson’s successor, from the House of Commons.

Priti Patel, the current home secretary of the United Kingdom, submitted her resignation from the Cabinet in a letter to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday, stating her intention to support Boris Johnson’s successor, Liz Truss, from the House of Commons.

priti patel controversy

The senior minister of Indian descent and Johnson ally was widely speculated to be left out of Prime Minister-elect Truss’ top staff.

Patel, who is now 50 years old, detailed her many accomplishments in her resignation letter to Johnson. These included signing a Migration and Mobility Partnership with India and other countries to combat illegal migration.

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She Said in Her Resignation Letter

“I congratulate Liz Truss on being chosen as our new leader and will give her my support as the new Prime Minister.”

After Liz Truss‘s official takeover and the appointment of a new Home Secretary, I want to continue serving the country and the Witham constituency from the bench.

She added that she will continue to advocate for many of the same policies and causes that she had while serving in both the House and the Senate.

priti patel controversy

Some of my accomplishments as Home Secretary include signing new international returns agreements with India, Albania, Serbia, Nigeria, and Pakistan, and there are ongoing efforts to negotiate additional agreements and remove additional individuals who are unlawfully present in the country and have taken advantage of the country’s generous hospitality.

Suella Braverman, another Cabinet member with Indian ancestry, is widely projected to succeed Sushma Swaraj as Home Secretary.

Gujarati-origin The overhaul of the country’s police and immigration system and the fight against terrorism, Patel said after being nominated Home Secretary by Boris Johnson in July 2019, is the “honor of my life.”

A Controversial Proposal to Deport Unlawful Migrants to Rwanda Is Mentioned in Her Letter

As part of a larger effort to crack down on illegal migration. Priti Patel argues that the New Plan for Immigration and Nationality and Borders Act cannot be fully implemented and delivered without your successor’s support for all of its provisions, including those related to illegal migration.

Among the few frontline ministers, the 50-year-old MP for Witham in Essex and Johnson loyalist was one of the few who had opted not to proclaim their support for either of the two finalists in the Tory leadership campaign, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.

priti patel controversy

She had earlier on Monday lauded her former boss in Parliament, ordering Opposition MPs to be quiet when they interrupted her.

She expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and her satisfaction with her position in the administration.

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Evaluation of Border Patrol

Patel hired former Australian Liberal Party Minister for Foreign Affairs Alex Downer in February 2022 to conduct an impartial evaluation of the Border Force.

Because of his support for Australia’s highly criticized immigration policy, Downer’s appointment was attacked by Border Force’s trade unions.

On the whole, Downer found Border Force’s strategy to be “ineffective and possibly harmful,” as he reported in July 2022. Border Force “mostly provides what is asked of it on a day-to-basis,” but overall “suboptimal level” of performance, according to the assessment.

Patel was pleased with the report’s suggestions. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called the report “extremely devastating,” claiming Patel has failed to “get any hold on Britain’s borders.”

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