Rita Ora Controversy: Blackfishing Is Alleged Against Her

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Theresa Sahatciu Ora (born Rita Sahatçiu; November 26th, 1990) is a British singer and songwriter based in the United Kingdom. After appearing on DJ Fresh’s hit “Hot Right Now,” which peaked at number one in the UK in February 2012, she gained notoriety.


For her debut studio album, Ora, which was released in August 2012, she topped the UK album charts. “R.I.P.” and “How We Do (Party)” were the two UK number one singles from the album. As a result of her three number-one UK Singles Chart singles, Ora was the most successful artist of 2012.

Since Ora was born in Pristina, Kosovo, she has been an Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo. When Phoenix was released in November 2018, the second studio album from Ora After “Your Song,” which peaked at No. 10 in the UK, came “Anywhere” and “Let You Love Me,” both of which peaked at No. 5. As a result of “Let You Love Me,” Ora became the first British female solo artist to achieve thirteen UK top ten hits.

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One of the more controversial tweets of the week was directed at pop artist Rita Ora, whose parents are Albanian. The 29-year-parents old’s are Albanian. When the user discovered that Rita Ora’s parents are both white Albanians, it was “very weird,” he remarked on August 9. They’ve “Blackfish” all week.

rita ora controversy

Ora has never darkened her complexion to appear black, and she has never denied her background, so I don’t believe she is guilty of “Blackfishing,” which is the act of emulating someone else’s blackness on social media. However, she has sported a variety of black hairstyles, including box braids, cornrows, and Afros, and has even claimed that others have assumed she is mixed race. Ora and other celebs like her have long used the particular style of Black women for their own benefit, and this tweet should be used to point out this fact.

In spite of their constant denigration

The Kardashians’ sway over popular culture remains undiminished. Even though they are notorious for their “boxer braids” and crimped Kanekalon ponytails, white women continue to wear these styles more often than any other race. It’s also why singers like Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus are able to steal the aesthetic of Black women and face little to no repercussions.

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An entire career was built on a poorly performed “accent”

Blatant theft of the manner of Black ladies. Adding insult to injury, she had the support of rapper T.I. (another Black male). In addition to her music, Billie Eilish is well-known for her street style, which includes oversized clothes, graphic tees, and Air Force 1 sneakers. However, her aesthetic wouldn’t exist if not for artists like SWV, Aaliyah, Xscape, TLC, and Rihanna who came before her in the music industry.

For white women, it’s evident that mimicking the fashions of black women is always a wise business move. Despite the fact that Ora may be to blame for this, she is merely a small portion of the greater issue: The lack of true indignation when black women’s hair is mistreated, our looks are utilized, and we are discarded when we are no longer valuable is indicative of how frequently we are treated as disposable commodities in society. This trend has been going on for years, but because of a single viral tweet, the world became aware of it.

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