Rooster Teeth Controversy: Rooster Teeth Workplace Misconduct Claims by Jenzen!

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Being a Rooster Teeth fan has been trying this past week. The company had gone through its usual round of layoffs, which supporters were quick to blame on the corporate masters.

There have been multiple reports of alleged mistreatment of Rooster Teeth employees by former employees. It all started over the weekend when accusations of slurs, low pay, and excessive workload began to circulate on Twitter.

A Definition of Rooster Teeth.

The Austin, Texas-based Rooster Teeth is a media organization dedicated to digital productions. In 2003, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Jason Sálida, Gus Sorola, and Joel Heyman established the company.

Red vs. Blue, an immensely popular web series, was the company’s first production.

Rooster Teeth’s flagship channel on YouTube has over 6 billion video views and 9.18 million members as of October 2022.

Groundbreaking in The Development of The Internet

rooster teeth controversy

I’ll keep it easy for those who aren’t up to speed: Rooster Teeth is one of the most well-known brands from “old school” video games that are still around today. Despite their fame from the online series Red Vs. Blue, were early adopters of the Let’s Play video genre on their auxiliary channel, Achievement Hunter.

Therefore, Rooster Teeth is a significant historical artifact of the Internet as a whole. Sadly, like many aspects of American cultural heritage, it presents serious challenges for people of color.

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Jenzen’s Claims of Workplace Harassment

In a series of complaints to Rooster Teeth, Janzen alleges that several employees have been harassed at work. In spite of allegations to the contrary in the TwitLo, Jenzen was widely believed to have been laid off along with the rest of the staff.

She claims that she was given the nickname “faggot,” which was reduced to “Fugz” on camera as a codename. There, she addresses her devoted followers, writing, “For any fans who used that moniker for me for years, that is what you were calling me.”

Jenzen further stated that she neglected her health due to the abuse and general atmosphere at work. She supposedly had pneumonia and was hospitalized, and when she got back to work, her schedule was completely off.

Jenzen complained to HR, who arranged a call between Jenzen and the manager, who apologized in a condescending manner. She also claimed to have told one of the company’s “founding fathers,” who advised her to leave because she was “too kind” for Rooster Teeth.

After Jenzen’s TwitLonger post, many current and former Rooster Teeth workers and contractors came out with similar complaints, while others responded with jokes and commentary.

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Last Words:

Rooster Teeth is a big old-school gaming name. Jenzen charges homophobia and poisonous work culture. TwitLonger reported the allegations in October 2022 after Rooster Teeth purportedly lay off employees.

After years of hoping the culture would change, she left. Former Rooster Teeth employees claim abuse. The news circulated quickly on Twitter, with reports of slurs, inadequate wages, and overwork.

Rooster Teeth fans had a bad week. The company had gone through its almost seasonal cycle of layoffs, which supporters had always blamed on corporate rulers for the company’s soul being eaten like a bagel the morning after a night out.

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