Sweet Trip Controversy: Valerie Cooper Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault by Her Husband

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Musicians Valerie Cooper and Roberto Burgos founded Sweet Trip, an electronic experimental rock band based in the Bay Area of California, in 1993. They are known for their dreamy soundscapes and dense production techniques, often blending alternative rock subgenres with intelligent dance music; they are also known for their cult following online, particularly around their second album, Velocity: Design: Comfort.

Roby Burgos, the Star of Sweet Trip, Has Been Accused of Sexually Assaulting Valerie Cooper by Her Husband

I’m solely responsible. However, I’m not entirely sure if I’m making the situation any better by writing this novel.
As a show of gratitude, I’m going to post this final message, and then delete all of the associated apps. When I first started fishing, it was a huge mistake of mine to do so. I don’t know what else to say. You could say the same of me. You’ll find me open and honest if you DM me on Instagram (@coopspeed). I feel like I owe it to people.

Ineptly Directing Attention Toward What Is Rightfully There.

That I am “dickwad” or “ass” or any other derogatory term that you have called me is not a compliment. No, I do not qualify as “mentally ill,” but I do have severe mental impairment. Not because I was “egotistical” or wanted attention for myself, but rather to draw attention to someone I believe has done something truly heinous.

Sweet Trip Controversy

In terms of being “insecure,” I can’t argue with that. There are many reasons why I decided to speak up, but the most important is that I am grateful for all the love and good fortune that have been bestowed upon me in my life.

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When It Comes Down to It, What I’m Really Like Is an Angry and Nauseous, and Traumatized Husband.

An angry, nauseated, and traumatized husband who has been subjected to a terrible nightmare situation and has taken a textbook approach to make it even worse through poor decision-making and bad judgment is what I am, and it’s something I’m sure of.

For that, I apologize to you all, and especially to my wife, who does not (ever) visit any of these online environments and has no clue, other than my original Reddit post (which I showed her after making it. In her heart, she wished I hadn’t done it, but she also understood why I had.

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My Wife and Roby’s Personal Relationship

According to the following factors, I wrote my first Reddit post. To begin, I’m embarrassed by the countless, completely incorrect theories I’ve read about Roby and my wife’s personal relationship, all of which are based on his irrational, creepy, pathetic, relentless, longtime obsession with her, as evidenced by the (entire) latest ST album (they co-wrote the music, but he wrote all lyrics and song/album titles, she learned late in the process that it was all a “love letter” to her).

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In Contrast to Widely Held Beliefs,

I didn’t remove that Reddit post because Valerie asked me to, because I’m a coward, because the moderators deleted it, or any of the other reasons that have been bandied about. My decision was prompted by two factors: First and foremost, my post was a response to a specific individual’s deletion of other posts. A lack of rational context and a lack of cohesion with the rest of my post convinced me to delete it. Second, a disgusting and degrading post was made by someone. So, whether correct or incorrect, I came to the conclusion that I was dealing with adults, not children, and I asked myself, “WTF am I even doing here, wasting my time and breath?”

Sweet Trip Controversy

At some point, a friend of Valerie and Roby’s (who plays in a band called @Starryeyedcadet with her husband and Roby) decided to defend Roby (despite having no information from Valerie as to what had or had not occurred in San Diego) by calling me a “troll,” a “coward,” and a “liar.” The fact that Valerie’s husband (who I’ve known for 20+ years) and her husband’s wife (who I’ve known for a long time) were not informed of what had happened was disappointing. Despite my requests, Valerie did not directly verify my claims.

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