Tobuscus Controversy: How Did Toby Turner and Jaclyn Glenn Fare? and More Updates

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Toby Turner, a well-known YouTube gamer known as Tobuscus, was accused of rape and emotional abuse by a previous lover. Turner called the accusations “totally false.”

Turner claimed in a YouTube video uploaded on Monday that “someone I dated a few years back has recently made some incredibly severe, baseless charges about me.” And let me be quite clear: I have never done anything without her permission.

April Fletcher, also known online as of April Skywalker and AprilEfff, wrote a post on Tumblr on April 8 regarding her interactions with Turner. She included details of an alleged rape incident and another time when he reportedly gave her drugs without her consent.
AprilEfff stated in her article that “He’s still mistreating and harming women.” There are other women with similar stories to me. He continues to play his games of having several girls online at once. After witnessing a Tobuscus action figure being sold at Toys’R’Us that referred to him as a “hero,” she claimed she decided to share her tale publicly: I’m sorry, but a hero doesn’t degrade, mistreat, rape, or use drugs on women, she wrote.

Who Is Tobuscus?

In Osborne, Mississippi, on March 3, 1985, Toby Turner was born. He did, however, grow up in Florida and pursue his higher education there at the University of Florida.

Tobuscus has always known that he wants to do things that involve a camera. As a result, he earned a degree in film, which helped him finally advance to his current position. Vlogger Tobuscus has videos that are really popular. His sister, Angie, has appeared in several of Turner’s videos. The humorous vlogs of Toby frequently feature his dog “Gryphon” (Falcor).

Following what transpired with Tobuscus, the social media genius has made the decision to keep his personal life under wraps. The celebrity’s dating life hasn’t been the subject of recent news, and we respect their right to privacy.

What Happened to Tobuscus?

When his ex-girlfriend April Fletcher, nicknamed AprilEff, accused Turner of rape on April 8, 2016, Turner’s reputation was horribly tarnished. Additionally, April accused him of using narcotics, drugging her, and rapping her in February 2013. She also claimed that Turner had cheated on her with other women, possibly with the intention of having them raped.

tobuscus controversy

Although April was not the only ex-girlfriend to accuse Tobuscus of these things, she was. Famous YouTubers Jaclyn Glenn and Amelia Talon, who dated Turner at one point, openly discussed their relationships. Talon said that the celebrity had drugged her and forced her into having sex. Glenn, on the other hand, told a significantly different tale.

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How Did Toby Turner and Jaclyn Glenn Fare?

Jaclyn Glenn addressed Turner’s inappropriate behavior toward her and highlighted that while she occasionally felt coerced, she was never compelled to do anything against her will. Just before Tobuscus began dating in April 2015, Jaclyn Glenn and Toby Turner were dating.

In Hollywood entertainment, what happened to Tobuscus is not particularly strange. Similar situations where they had to make a public apology or answer to charges have happened to other celebrities. In severe cases, some people have even lost their successful occupations. Tobuscus, on the other hand, is putting his effort into expanding his social circle. A piece about Tila Tequila appeared on

The American TV celebrity with Singaporean ancestry is well-known. The young lady rose to fame as a Playboy Magazine model under the alias Nguyn Th Thiên Thanh. Tila continues to be well-liked on social media even though she is merely a shell of who she once was.
Currently, she publishes contentious videos on her YouTube account. Do you know her net worth or the reputable publications she has worked for? What is she doing now? Learn more about these facts and more in the article.

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Toby Turner’s Professional and Personal Life

Turner’s mother borrowed money to get him a camera because he had a keen interest in filmmaking, and he then started his YouTube career. On May 14, 2006, he started his first YouTube account, TobyTurner, and began uploading amusing videos.

tobuscus controversy

Because of his initial YouTube channel, “TobyTurner,” he gained a lot of popularity among young people. One month later, on June 14, 2006, he started recording daily vlogs on his second and first vlog channel, which he titled “Tobuscus.” On July 31, 2010, he launched “TobyGames,” his third YouTube channel. At the time of writing, he has 1.9 million subscribers and 367 million total views on his first channel (TobyTurner), 6.3 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on his second channel (Tobuscus), and 6.7 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views on his third channel (MobyGames).

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Toby Turner: Rumors and Scandal/controversy

Being famous, Toby has experienced scandal before. On April 8, 2016, April Fletcher, his ex-girlfriend, made the accusation. She has made a number of accusations, including that Toby was drug dependent and had cheated on a number of his previous girlfriends (including Fletcher). He drugged and raped Fletcher in February 2013, she added.

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