Torrid Controversy: Everything You Need to Know!

Hannah, a TIKTOK influencer, has been at odds with Torrid, a retail business.

TikTok used the social networking app to express his dissatisfaction with the store’s most recent clothesline.

What’s the deal with the Torrid and Hannah TikTok feud?

That Other Hannah, a TikTok user, chastised plus-size apparel manufacturer Torrid for its latest collection’s material, price, and design. The plus-size app influencer expressed disappointment with Torrid’s apparel options.

Hannah began receiving blowback from TikTokers after denouncing Torrid, claiming that the brand jeopardized her influencing job as a result of the negative exposure she received.

torrid controversy

Hannah claimed in an Instagram post that an “unknown” user tried to have her fired from her job after she went on a Torrid rage.

She also stated that after her video denouncing Torrid went viral, she was no longer compelled to utilize social media, claiming that it had “shaken” her.

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What did the public think of Torrid and Hannah’s TikTok feud?

Some TikTok fans sided with Hannah in the wake of Torrid’s latest clothes release, even calling for a boycott.

“Just to be clear, Hannah is an inspiration to me,” one person remarked. My initial remark was supposed to support her brand complaints and to call Torrid tired, which they are.”

“I have no idea who Hannah is, but I’d like to know about these other alternatives,” said another. I buy from @Torrid since I don’t have any other options. “After seeing Hannah’s video, I’ve decided to join the boycott.”

“I just saw Torrid’s comment,” a third person wrote. It’s the only place I buy bras, but I’m not going to buy from them until they correct this.”

“I stand with Hannah and any plus-size women and creators who Torrid refuses to recognize.”

Torrid, what did you say?

Torrid issued a statement on their Facebook page on November 3 in response to the negative press surrounding their company, writing: “To our Torrid community, social media is a forum where all opinions may be heard.”

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As a brand that values community, we believe that feedback provides opportunities to learn and improve. “As humans and as a company, we encourage everyone to speak up—fans, consumers, and critics alike—regardless of their point of view or viewpoint.”

torrid controversy

Harassment and bullying of any type, both internally and externally, will not be tolerated.

“We always promote respectful discussion and would not and have not taken action against anyone for sharing an opposing viewpoint, including contacting an individual’s employer,” they stated.

We are always listening to Torrid, and we think that our customers make us better.

“They have always done so and will continue to do so.” Customer suggestions have resulted in some of our favorite products. is the place to send your product ideas and things that inspire your style. “These fruitful interactions are what we live for,” he adds.

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