Twitter Responds to Gabbie Hanna’s Only Fans: Why Are People so Upset with This Singer?

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It has been brought to our attention that Gabbie Hanna, aka “theinfamousbabz,” has a profile on the fan community site OnlyFans.

She first gained notoriety as The Gabbie Show on Vine, but she is also a singer, composer, YouTuber, and former Vine star.

In addition to that, she’s now on OnlyFans as well. When many nations went under lockdown in 2020, subscribers to a London-based subscription site saw a significant uptick in usage.

In order to access the content, customers must pay a monthly charge, and the site has attracted a number of well-known people from the internet as well as the acting world, such as Bella Thorne.

Onlyfans Has Gabbie Hanna Right Now

The YouTuber made the announcement on both Twitter and Instagram that she now has an OnlyFans page.

With the message, “Haters took enough of my time, I established a place for only the fans,” Gabbie made it clear that she was done with the haters. To paraphrase: “Click the link in my bio, but be prepared for the unexpected.”

twitter responds to gabbie hanna's onlyfans: why are people so upset with this singer

Megan Barton-Hanson, a UK model and star of the reality show Love Island, just did the same thing. Celebrities like Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and Bella Thorne (Disney Channel) can be found on the paid website as well.

The Platform Has Been Discussed Previously by Gabbie

While Gabbie didn’t join the site until 2021, she has been vocal about her thoughts on it ever since she set up her profile.

March 2020: The YouTuber tweets that during the lockdown period, viewers should get to work on their dreams or sign up for an OF account.

Put off no longer! “Now is the moment to begin that project you’ve been putting off, finish up that overdue piece of work, or start watching that show you’ve been meaning to get around to. alternately, to form a group consisting of exclusively admirers. “Now would be a great moment to create an exclusive fandom,” she tweeted.

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Twitter Users React

Now that Gabbie is a part of OnlyFans, she may voice her opinion on any topic just like any other social media user.

The YouTuber is not a stranger to controversy; she has been the subject of countless viral stories about her personal issues.

There will be a wide range of opinions expressed about Gabbie’s decision to join the site, but remember that you are free to stop following anyone whose beliefs and/or behaviors you find offensive.

Some people on Twitter felt it was acceptable for her to have an OF. Being an adult, she is free to make her own decisions. My argument is this: whoever pays for her OF simply to hate on her should get some help.

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