What Caused the Death of Margaret Chutich’s Daughter, a Justice in The Supreme Court?

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On 22 January 2021, the Ames Police Department reported that, per autopsy results, their investigation into the death of an Iowa State University student in January had been concluded.

It has been identified what killed a college student who was discovered in the sorority parking lot. The state Medical Examiner’s Office found that acute alcohol consumption and hypothermia were the primary causes of Chutich’s death.

The night Chutich passed away, temperatures in Ames plummeted to a frigid 8. On Instagram a day after Olivia’s death, her sorority expressed their “heartbreak” at the “devastating loss.”

Who Exactly Was Olivia Chutich?

what happened to olivia chutich

The 21-year-old Iowa State University student reportedly comes from the union between Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chutich, the state’s first openly gay justice, and Allina Health CEO Penny Wheeler.

Chutich who was born in Guatemala was a junior majoring in the field of communications. She started her educational career in kindergarten at Breck School, a private college preparatory institution in Golden Valley, Minnesota, from which she graduated in 2017. She was a sister of the Tri-Delta sorority and an undergraduate at Iowa State.

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Mother’s Obituary for Their Daughter Chutich

Neither her parents nor she was flawless, but together we made a perfect match,” they wrote in an obituary for Chutich. Wow, what a romantic tale that turned out to be!

“Her vivacious energy, heart-on-sleeve emotions, generosity, compassion, and gorgeous smile are remembered by all who crossed her path,” the obituary continued.

Olivia Chutich cherished spending time with her loved ones, winning at games especially “Set”, and rooting for the Gopher and Cyclone sports teams. She always knew who to tease during family gatherings, and that made the gatherings more enjoyable for everyone.

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The Daughter of The Chief Justice of Minnesota Was Discovered Deceased.

what happened to olivia chutich

According to the Ames Police Department, they were called to the Iowa State University branch of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority at 10 a.m. on Friday, January 22. When police arrived at the scene of a reported incapacitated woman, they discovered the body of 21-year-old Olivia Chutich.

After an autopsy revealed that the college student died from acute alcohol intoxication and cold, Ames Police declared the incident an accident.

Olivia Chutich Wheeler is the daughter of Justice Margaret Chutich of the Minnesota Supreme Court and CEO of Allina Health Penny Wheeler. Our hearts are torn into millions of pieces,” the mothers wrote in their daughter’s obituary.

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Final Words

On Jan. 22, 2021, at 9:49 a.m., Ames police responded to a medical call. A college-aged woman was found unconscious in the parking lot. She was dead in the parking lot when police arrived. A Minnesota Supreme Court justice’s daughter attended Iowa State University. Autopsy report: Chutich died of acute alcohol intoxication and hypothermia. Ames was 8 degrees the night Chutich died.

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