Whoopi Sweater Controversy: View Host Retracts Following Criticism for Wearing a Prince Hall Masonic Sweater!

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Whoopi Goldberg has apologized for her “Prince Hall Masonic” sweater incident on The View. The View host has been called out by several Twitter users for wearing a “Prince Hall Masonic” sweatshirt on Tuesday’s episode.

Whoopi has now issued an apology to her fanbase; here, we break out the significance of her jumper.

Whoopi Goldberg Declares Regret Over “Prince Hall Masonic” Sweater

The View host has apologized to home viewers for wearing a “Prince Hall Masonic” sweater on Tuesday’s broadcast.

On Wednesday, the host apologised to her viewers and announced she would no longer wear the sweater. Whoopi Goldberg made the following statement:

Let me apologize now before we begin the show. Even though I did not intend to cause offense with the sweater I wore yesterday, I heard from multiple people that they were deeply offended by my choice.

What can I say? I ordered a sweater online and hate it so much I never plan to wear it again. I don’t understand the significance or the outrage, but please don’t make me wear it again. Yes, that’s the end of it.

Why Did Whoopi Goldberg Wear a Sweater?

Whoopi sported a sweatshirt emblazoned with the Prince Hall Freemasons’ insignia. Prince Hall established the Prince Hall Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, an African-American fraternity within the larger North American Freemasonry. Prince Hall fought for African Americans’ right to freedom and education, and the group he founded carried on his work.

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Folks React on Twitter

After Whoopi wore the sweater on national television, a number of social media users turned to Twitter to explain their displeasure.

As one viewer put it, “Why is Whoopi Goldberg wearing a Prince Hall Masonic Sweater on the View?” Such a lack of respect. She ought to prepare more thoroughly before appearing on national television in whatever she chooses to wear.

A different person explained, “The Freemasons, a Masonic Fraternity, are the reason people were outraged over your clothing. The fact that you were wearing it while not a member was the issue. Some have spoken up in Whoopi’s defense, while others have expressed gratitude for her efforts to spread awareness of the group.

As a fellow Prince Hall Mason, I must say that the sweater you wore during your performance was rather wonderful. One user suggested that the uproar may be mitigated by auctioning the item and donating the earnings to a lodge or charity of the user’s choosing.

Someone more chimed in, “Wearing a Prince Hall Mason Sweater is the most suitable and loudest messaging ever manufactured. It shows that African Americans have been fighting for equality, recognition, and true independence for almost 300 years.

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