Woman Crash As Oklahoma Killer Was Released In Prison

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While searching for a missing two teens, Oklahoma killer and rapist was found dead after killing 6 people. Jesse McFadden’s Henryetta was convicted of raping a 16 year old in 2003.


Woman Crash As Oklahoma Killer Was Released In Prison (Photo: News on 6)


Sexually Aggressive McFadden leads to many deaths.

Jesse McFadden’s Henryetta was convicted for 17 years for sexually abusing multiple teens in 2003 and committing child pornography. Even behind bars McFadden was able to market a picture of a 16-year-old, hidden. He was released from prison in 2020 and killed 7 people including himself.

Krystle Strong, a victim of McFadden said that he was not in his normal state of mind. His wife is suspecting that he might have been abusing one of his children. She further stated that she had read messages from 2016 to one of his victims.


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Strong question as to the release and even have another case for the same crime. She further stated that McFadden’s brother, Cody, also committed the same by attacking a woman and putting her in a doghouse. But was not convicted, rather they put him into a mental institution for being mentally unfit.

Ambrosio Rodriguez, a prosecutor who handles cases like McFadden, said that there has been a lapse in the agency and that McFadden has the tendency to commit the same act over and over again.


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