2 Florida Caregivers Arrested: Living Condition with Child Abuse

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Caregivers Arrested in St. Petersburg After Police Find Children Living in Hazardous Conditions

Children Rescued from Dangerous Living Conditions in St. Petersburg Home

In St. Petersburg, Florida two caregivers were arrested after police found two young children living in a very dirty and unsafe home. Officers came to the house and found two adults Nathan Larkins and Cortney Poling surrounded by drugs and a lot of mess. They saw cigarette butts on the floor and even buckets filled with urine.

Inside the home police found evidence of drug use including pipes for marijuana and crack cocaine. They also discovered a 1-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy who were covered in bug bites and rashes. The children hadn’t been bathed properly and were living in dangerous conditions with easy access to drugs and sharp objects.

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2 Florida Caregivers Arrested: Living Condition with Child Abuse (PHOTO: True Crime Daily

Caregivers Arrested for Child Abuse in St. Petersburg, Florida

The caregivers, Larkins and Poling were arrested for neglecting the children’s safety and well-being. Larkins also faces charges for hurting the boy with cigarettes. The children were taken away from the home, and Larkins and Poling are now in jail. It’s a sad situation where children were living in a dangerous environment but now they are safe from harm.

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