2 Workers Arrested in Brooklyn Due to Reckless Driving – Charges Revealed!

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MTA Workers Face Legal Troubles in Brooklyn

Workers Arrested on Driving Charges in Brooklyn

PATCH – In Brooklyn, New York two MTA workers found themselves in trouble with the law this past weekend. Pedro Nunez-Delacruz, aged 43 and also an NYPD auxiliary officer, faced charges related to driving under the influence early Saturday morning. Authorities stated that he was arrested near the 83rd Precinct in Bushwick around 4:41 a.m. for DWI driving while impaired by alcohol and refusing a breath test.

In a separate incident on Sunday around 5 p.m. Holton Marcus, aged 31 was charged in the 67th Precinct covering East Flatbush and Remsen Village. Marcus faced allegations of reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and driving without a front license plate. While police sources didn’t mention any involvement of drugs or alcohol in Marcus’s case the details surrounding his arrest weren’t immediately disclosed.

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2 Workers Arrested in Brooklyn Due to Reckless Driving – Charges Revealed! (PHOTO: Patch)

MTA Faces Scrutiny Amidst Employee Misconduct Allegations

These arrests come shortly after another MTA employee faced allegations of running a brothel from his Brooklyn apartment. As questions about the employment status and job title of Holton Marcus linger the MTA hasn’t yet provided any comment on the matter. The incidents serve as a reminder of the challenges facing the MTA and the importance of upholding safety standards both on and off the job.

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