A father of Six Was Shot to Death in Texas at His Only Daughter’s High School Graduation Party

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Over Memorial Day weekend in Texas, a father of six was shot and died while attending his only daughter’s high school graduation party.

A father of Six Was Shot to Death in Texas at His Only Daughter’s High School Graduation Party (Photo: iStock)

Adam Tobias, 35, was killed down at a home on Santa Cecilia Lane on Houston’s southeast side around 4:15 a.m. The Houston Police Department confirmed the incident on Friday.

“My favorite person,” Destiny Tobias, the victim’s daughter, said through tears, her voice shaky, according to Houston-based ABC affiliate KTRK. “He was my all-time favorite person.”

Just when the world was meant to open out for her, the bereaved young woman clutched a smiling picture of the man she had lost in a TV station interview she had never intended to give.

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The festivities began on Thursday afternoon, and thousands took to the streets as the night progressed. Philip Arning, the homeowner’s boyfriend, came to the party at some time.

According to KTRK, the homeowner is Adam Tobias’ long-ago ex-partner.

Adam Tobias’ wife and children had departed earlier in the evening, but he wanted to stay and continue enjoying the momentous moment with his daughter, an accomplishment he reportedly did not achieve on his own.

Arning and Adam Tobias got into an argument late in the evening that turned deadly, according to authorities. On the front door steps, the happy father was shot and died.

The victim’s niece established a GoFundMe campaign since the family is now struggling financially and cannot afford funeral expenses.

Arning remained at the apartment following the incident and was apprehended Friday morning. He is currently charged with one count of murder. For several days, the defendant was held in the Harris County Jail. According to Harris County court documents examined by Law&Crime, he is presently free on $50,000 bail.

Other horrific screams of grief, wrath, and sorrow can be heard in footage taken by San Antonio-based NBC affiliate WOAI outside the house where the shooting occurred.

A snapshot from the morning’s graduation shows Adam Tobias beaming with delight as he holds Destiny Tobias, her graduation cap pinned to her head, and smiles on both of their cheeks.

Adam Tobias appeared to believe that the debate about whether he could celebrate with his daughter was ended.

A benefit for the father’s family is scheduled for Saturday, June 3 at 10 a.m. till the food runs out at 503 McCarty St.

On Tuesday, Arning was charged in the 208th State District Court.

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