Alameda County DA Pamela Price Takes Decisive Action: Fresh Charges Filed in 2021 Murder Case

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In a significant move, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price has taken decisive action, filing fresh charges against Laron Gilbert, Hershel Hale, and Shadihia Mitchell in connection with the 2021 murder of Kevin Nishita and other violent crimes. The newly added gang and gun enhancements mark a crucial development in the pursuit of justice for the victims.


Alameda County DA Pamela Price (Photo from The Mercury News)
Alameda County DA Pamela Price (Photo from The Mercury News)

Rectifying Errors and Seeking Justice

Alameda County DA Pamela Price expressed her commitment to setting things right highlighting alleged errors made by prior prosecutors in the case. The charges now align with the actual evidence bringing a sense of accuracy to the legal proceedings surrounding the tragic incident.

The case stemming from the robbery and murder of Kevin Nishita, a former police officer turned security guard has captured public attention due to its tragic nature and the subsequent nearly two-year evasion by Gilbert.

The consolidation of cases against the defendants amplifies the gravity of the charges with the addition of gang and gun enhancements intensifying the legal stakes.

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High Stakes and March 8 Court Appearance

With the inclusion of gang and gun enhancements, the potential consequences are severe. Gilbert faces a maximum sentence of 189 years to life, Hale up to 151 years, and Mitchell up to 78 years if convicted on all counts. The trio is scheduled to appear in court on March 8, according to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Alameda County DA Pamela Price emphasized her office’s dedication to rectifying past missteps, bringing closure to the victims’ families and addressing the pervasive issue of “reckless violence” on the streets of Alameda County. The pursuit of justice in this case continues driven by a commitment to ensuring accountability and upholding the law.

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