An Angry Husband Accused A Doctor Of Sexually Assaulting His Wife 7 Years Ago During An OBGYN Panel in Baltimore

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At a Baltimore medical conference, an incensed husband interrupted an OBGYN panel and attacked the stage, slapping a speaker and accusing him of sexually assaulting his wife.

The man exclaims in the video, “This motherfu**er sexually assaulted my wife seven years ago,” during a two-minute, profanity-filled rant on stage.

The astonished crowd watched and recorded the film as the slapper briefly started to walk away before turning around.

You understand what you did!” he yelled, claiming that the sexual assault took place in “New York,” but he did not identify whether that referred to the state or city. He slapped the speaker once again as he yelled insults.

A spectator in the audience remarked, “Wrong place.” “Incorrect time.”

“My wife is in pain as a result of you.”

As the speaker started to leave with a woman he claimed to be his wife, the slapper proceeded to chastise him.

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“You are a fu**ing predator, and my wife is suffering as a result! He kept yelling throughout the video, ”

Another video shows the slapper being led away by numerous men who are most likely security personnel. He was informed by another individual that filing charges might be a preferable course of action in this situation.

The slapper answered, “No. “I’m not interested. I’d rather not.

After another user tweeted a statement purportedly from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which cryptically alluded to a “security incident” at a panel discussion for the 2023 Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, an anonymous Twitter user posted the video.

Security procedures were followed, according to the statement, and plainclothes security and eventually the Baltimore Police Department quickly took care of the issue. “We sincerely regret any harm the incident or following interactions may have caused. Violence of any kind is not tolerated by the ACOG.

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