Caught in the Act: Man Busted Trying to Hijack Waymo’s Self-Driving Car in Los Angeles!

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The Caught in the Act Daring Attempt Unfolds

Caught in the Act: Man Busted Trying to Hijack Waymo’s Self-Driving Car in Los Angeles! (PHOTO: The Epoch Times)

Swift Intervention and Arrest

According to Techspot, in a daring attempt that unfolded on Saturday night in downtown Los Angeles (LA), a 34-year-old man Vincent Maurice Jones, caught in the act allegedly endeavored to abscond with a self-driving Waymo cab. Eyewitnesses reported the incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. when the autonomous vehicle dropped off a passenger near City Hall. Jones, believed to be an unhoused Los Angeles resident reportedly commandeered the driver’s seat but struggled to manipulate the controls thwarting his getaway. Waymo representatives swiftly intervened urging Jones to vacate the vehicle via the on-board communication system. However, the caught in the act suspect adamantly refused precipitating a call to law enforcement. Upon the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)‘s arrival, Jones was forcibly removed from the car and subsequently arrested on charges of attempted theft. Remarkably, no injuries were sustained and the vehicle remained unscathed throughout the ordeal.

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Tensions Rise Amid Autonomous Vehicle Proliferation

This caught in the act incident has once again highlighted the simmering tensions surrounding the proliferation of autonomous vehicles in California. Despite their increasing prevalence, skepticism and discontent persist among some citizens occasionally manifesting in acts of vandalism or as in this case attempted theft. Just weeks ago, a driverless Waymo taxi fell victim to arson in San Francisco’s Chinatown, underscoring the ongoing challenges and controversies surrounding the adoption of self-driving technology.

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