Ex-Olmsted County Deputy Proclaims Innocence Against Sex Crime Allegations

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Former Olmsted County Deputy Mathew Adamson pleaded not guilty to 11 sex crimes in two cases. Possession of child sex abuse materials, private observation devices, and office misbehavior are among these offenses.

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Adamson Fights Sex Crime Charges Amid Custody Battle

Adamson also faces charges of enticing a kid for prostitution and inappropriate electronic communications about child sexual activity. Adamson’s defense wanted unsupervised contact with his natural children in court. Child Protection Services ended their Adamson investigation without finding misconduct, prompting this request.

Adamson’s wife wrote to the court about how the no-contact order has harmed their family dynamics and prevented him from parenting and transporting their children to events. Adamson was permitted unsupervised contact with his children while on conditional bail.

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Internet Rules Imposed Amid Sex Crime Charges

However, Adamson had to notify officials of his internet-accessing gadgets and put website tracking software on them. These methods are meant to assure Adamson’s release compliance and reduce risks.

The court also consolidated Adamson’s two claims and set internet usage rules. Adamson renounced his right to an omnibus hearing, but pre-trial and jury trial dates are unknown. As Adamson fights serious charges, this is a major advance in his legal battle.

Due to the charges and their effects on former Deputy Mathew Adamson and his family, the case has received attention. Adamson maintains his innocence throughout the legal process.

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