Florida’s Hazardous ‘Meth Island’, dismantled due to Environment and Safety Concerns


Trespass notices were posted by Florida Law enforcement on an island occupied by squatters, more famously known as a hangout place for drug use and alcohol drinking; ordering them to vacate the island within 48 hours.


Florida Officials pointed out the dangers of the said island with those types of structures lying around. Told to The Daytona Beach News Journal by Mike Wallace, Port Orange Police Detective. Together with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, South Daytona Police Department, Florida Fish and Wildlife, and assisted members of the Port Orange Police Department posted the notices last week. 

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Make-Shift Structures Found In The ‘METH ISLAND’

According to an article in Fox News, the said area was coined as “Meth Island” by social media users, after recent videos were posted online by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office wherein various crafty wooden structures were created, including a detailed four-story treehouse coming from what appears to be old lumber and tree branches scavenged probably from old docks. They also created other smaller huts, installed a trampoline, and are in the middle of construction for what seems to be a pool, located in Port Orange, near the Dunlawton Bridge. With all these enticing structures, police dread the idea that kids may be drawn to visit, resulting to bigger problems if not stopped.

Trampoline-meth island
Trampoline found in ‘Meth Island, along with other things (Daily Express)


Its Negative Impact on Youth and Environment

“All it does is (draw attention) for young kids to go over there”; “[They go] to these islands and start having fun, and then you start getting the alcohol in there, and they are jumping down on these trampolines – that’s when an accident is going to wind up happening,” according to a South Daytona Police Lieutenant, Kevin Pedri. 


Apart from this reason, police officials explain that the make-shift building and squatter activity are hazardous to the squatters and locals residing there, especially during hurricane season.

Mangroves Reduces Florida’s Flood Damages

“All that stuff is going to get thrown all over the Intracoastal and damage other boats, or who knows how far some of the wood can launch and possibly damage other property as well,” added Pedri. 

Furthermore, it threatens to damage the mangrove population on the island, disrupting the environmental balance that exists there, especially when storm surges occur. 


After putting the trespass notices, authorities have not yet visited the island due to weather issues, however, Local Public Works department has started taking down the structures whilst being closely monitored by numerous local agencies.

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