Mother Abandons Son for a Month in Cluttered Home with No Heat: Arrest Made

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In a distressing incident in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a 45-year-old woman, Tiffani Bogroff, faces arrest for allegedly leaving her 15-year-old son alone in a disheveled house without proper heat for a month. Mother abandons son and the authorities were alerted when officers responded to a report of a juvenile living solo in a house on North President Avenue. The teen revealed that his mother had moved to New Jersey, leaving him uncertain about her return as they communicated sporadically through Facebook Messenger.

Mother Abandons Son (Photo from Youtube)
Mother Abandons Son (Photo from Youtube)

Mother Abandons Son: Desolate Living Conditions

The minor was left to care for two dogs and a cat amidst a cluttered residence filled with trash and spoiled food. Officers noted the absence of running water and gas in the house with inadequate heating provided only by a space heater in their room.

Despite the challenging circumstances the teenager managed to attend school intermittently, struggling to wake up alone in the morning. His mother, Tiffani Bogroff, allegedly sent money on CashApp for his food expenses during her absence.

Relatives occasionally stepped in taking the victim to the grocery store and their home for essential needs like showering and laundry. The boy’s grandmother and father reportedly live in the same county raising questions about the extent of family support during this distressing period.

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Legal Consequences Unfold

Following an investigation, Manheim Township Police obtained an arrest warrant for Tiffani Bogroff on one count of endangering the welfare of children. Pennsville Township Police in New Jersey successfully apprehended Bogroff on January 27, and she is currently held in the Salem County Correctional Facility awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.

The phrase mother abandons son echoes through this harrowing tale raising concerns about parental responsibilities and the impact on the well-being of the abandoned teenager.

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