Pennsylvania Mother Leaves 15 Year Old Son Behind to Pursue Out-of-State Romance

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Abandonment Allegations: Woman Arrested for Leaving 15 Year Old Son Alone in Lancaster County Home

Pennsylvania Mother Leaves 15 Year Old Son Behind to Pursue Out-of-State Romance. (PHOTO: Counseling Today)

Challenging Conditions: 15 Year Old Son Left to Fend for Himself Amidst Clutter and Lack of Amenities

According to True Crime Daily, In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, authorities have arrested a 45-year-old woman Tiffani Bogroff, on suspicion of leaving her 15 year old son alone in a “cluttered” house for an entire month without adequate heat. According to the Manheim Township Police Department, officers responded to a report on Jan. 12, finding the juvenile living alone in the residence on North President Avenue. The teen informed the police that his mother had moved to New Jersey to be with her boyfriend and would occasionally return home. Allegedly, Bogroff’s absence left her 15 year old son in a precarious situation unsure of when she would return to Pennsylvania. Communication between them was reportedly limited to Facebook Messenger with Bogroff sending money on CashApp for food. The minor was left responsible for caring for two dogs and a cat in the house which lacked proper heat except for a space heater in their room, and had no running water or gas. Police also noted the home was filled with trash and spoiled food.

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Intervention and Legal Action: Relative Support for 15 Year Old Son as Mother Faces Charges

Despite the challenging circumstances, the 15 year old son was occasionally attended school although he struggled to manage daily routines alone. Fortunately, a relative intervened occasionally taking the victim to the grocery store and allowing him to shower and do laundry at their home. Bogroff now faces one count of endangering the welfare of children with authorities in New Jersey apprehending her on Jan. 27. She is currently being held in the Salem County Correctional Facility awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.

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