Registered Sex Offender in Illinois is Dating a 15-Year-Old Teenager,Kills and Throws the Body into a Dumpster

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Authorities confirmed that a registered sex offender was dating a 15-year-old girl but killed her and threw the body into a dumpster.

Registered sex offender
Registered sex offender charged with first-degree murder. (Photo: FOX News)

Registered Sex Offender Threw the Dead Body Into a Dumpster

Registered sex offender Timothy Doll, 29 years, old, was dating Gracie Sasso-Cleveland, a 15-year-old high school student, was charged with murder in relation to the death of the teenager. Sasso-Cleveland was first reported missing by her family after her family was not able to find her on May 4.

In a published article in FOX News, the Illinois authorities said that Doll suffocated the teenager before he threw the body into a dumpster. The police officers were able to track the last whereabouts of the teenager through her cellphone at Doll’s house in DeKalb, Illinois.

Moreover, the officers were able to track the cellphone of the teenager in a dumpster located near the local university where they found the dead body. Additionally, authorities were able to detain Doll after they obtained search warrants.

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Registered Sex Offender Charged With Murder, Other Cases

Aside from two counts of murder, Doll was also charged with the following:

  • aggravated criminal sex abuse
  • concealment of a homicide
  • aggravated domestic battery
  • two counts of obstruction of justice
  • unlawful restraint and unlawful communication by a child sex offender

These were formally charged on May 8, according to a report published in SHAW Local. Furthermore, the coroner added that the teenager died due to asphyxiation, or suffocation using a pillow.

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