Republican Political Strategist Arrested on Stalking Charges in Montana


A Republican political strategist, Dan Duffey, formerly affiliated with Governor Greg Gianforte’s 2020 gubernatorial campaign, was apprehended by Whitefish police on Feb. 3. Duffey faces charges of stalking and harassment against a Flathead County resident, based on allegations of sexual abuse as outlined in court documents.

Republican Political Strategist Arrested on Stalking Charges in Montana (Photo from: Daily News)

Republican Political Strategist’s Alleged Stalking and Harassment

In the affidavit supporting the charges against Duffey, a Whitefish couple reported incidents of harassment by the Republican political strategist. Identified as “SS” in court documents, the husband detailed interactions with Duffey, initially sparked by shared interests, which later escalated into a series of disturbing accusations and threats. 

Despite the man’s denial of the allegations, Duffey persisted, resorting to various forms of communication to propagate his claims, including contacting the man’s employer and distributing flyers in Flathead County.

Duffey’s actions, as detailed in court records, spanned a range of aggressive behaviors, including sending anonymous emails, submitting false RSVPs to the couple’s wedding, and distributing flyers with defamatory claims. The culmination of these events led to Duffey’s arrest following a traffic stop, during which police discovered incriminating materials and a firearm in his possession.

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Repeat Offender: Duffey’s History of Legal Issues

Duffey’s recent arrest adds to a history of legal troubles, including his termination from the Gianforte campaign in 2020 following an alleged road rage incident. Despite the absence of charges in that case, Duffey’s aggressive behavior appears recurrent, underscoring concerns about his conduct and its implications for Montana politics.

In light of his arraignment scheduled for Feb. 22, Duffey’s case raises questions about the accountability of political operatives and the broader implications of their actions within the realm of public discourse and civic engagement.

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