Robbery in Manhattan Beach: Serial BevMo Suspect Crackdown!

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Burglary Spree at BevMo Store in Manhattan Beach

Robbery in Manhattan Beach: Serial BevMo Suspect Crackdown! (PHOTO: The Law Offices of Grant Bettencourt)

Swift Response by Manhattan Beach Police

According to Patch, in a series of incidents plaguing a BevMo store in a robbery in Manhattan Beach, California authorities have finally made headway in apprehending the perpetrators. Throughout February, the store on Rosecrans Avenue fell victim to three separate burglaries all involving suspects smashing the front window and making off with bottles of alcohol. The latest break-in triggered the store’s alarm once again prompting a swift response from the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

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Robbery in Manhattan Beach Suspects Apprehended in Inglewood Pursuit

Early Thursday morning, patrol officers swiftly responded to the alarm at BevMo and initiated a pursuit upon spotting a vehicle leaving the scene by robbery in Manhattan. The pursuit eventually led to the city of Inglewood where the suspects attempted to flee on foot. Despite their efforts, police managed to apprehend four out of the five suspects with one managing to evade capture. Inside the suspects’ vehicle authorities discovered stolen alcohol believed to be from the BevMo burglaries causing robbery in Manhattan. Among those arrested were Deondre Jenkins, 33, Emmalee Rosser, 20, Marcia Populas, 21, and a 17-year-old girl. All four suspects were transported to the MBPD Jail and booked on suspicion of burglary. The successful arrest marks a significant breakthrough in the ongoing efforts to curb criminal activity targeting local businesses in Manhattan Beach.

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