Skull Found in Pennsylvania Leads to Missing Wanted Man’s Identification


A human skull found in Pennsylvania in 2022 near a pond in Amity Township, Pennsylvania, has been confirmed to belong to a man wanted for the alleged attempted murder of his wife in 2004. The skull, found by a 13-year-old boy near his home, has led to the identification of Roger Hart, who had been missing since the incident.

Skull Found in Pennsylvania Leads to Missing Wanted Man’s Identification (Photo from: Yahoo News Singapore)

Skull Found in Pennsylvania: Discovery and Investigation

The discovery of the human skull in a pond near Pine Lane, Pennsylvania, by a young boy in April 2022 triggered an extensive investigation by authorities. Despite multiple searches of the area, only the skull was recovered, leaving investigators with limited evidence.

Authorities, including the Amity Township Police and district attorney’s office detectives, suspected the skull could be linked to Roger Hart, a man wanted in connection with the 2004 attempted murder of his wife. Hart had been missing for nearly two decades, evading law enforcement since fleeing the scene of the alleged crime.

Following the discovery, forensic experts at Mercyhurst University analyzed the skull and determined it belonged to a male individual who had been exposed to the elements for over a decade. Further DNA analysis conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police Forensic Laboratory and the FBI Laboratory Division in Quantico, Virginia, confirmed the skull’s identity as Roger Hart’s. However, due to the skull’s condition, investigators were unable to ascertain the cause of death.

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Skull Found in Pennsylvania: Closure and Legal Implications

The identification of the skull as belonging to Roger Hart brings closure to a long-standing missing person case and sheds light on the mysterious disappearance of the wanted man. The confirmation provides answers to Hart’s whereabouts after he vanished following the alleged attempted murder of his wife.

The revelation also raises legal implications for the unresolved case of attempted murder, bringing attention to the challenges of investigating crimes where critical evidence remains elusive. Despite the identification of the skull, questions surrounding the circumstances of Hart’s disappearance and the events leading to his death remain unanswered.

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