Tragic Incident: Paramus Man Accused of Fatally Stabbing Father

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Son Accused of Brutally Attacking Father in Paramus Home

Unfathomable Tragedy Strikes Paramus, New Jersey: Son Accused of Horrific Crime Against Father

In Paramus New Jersey something terrible happened. A 32-year-old man named Melvin Thomas is accused of doing a very bad thing hurting his own dad Manuel V. Thomas. It all happened on February 14th. Melvin is said to have stabbed his dad many times in their home on Bruce Drive. It gets even worse. After that Melvin tried to hide what he did. He moved his dads body to the bathroom and tried to set it on fire with a lighter. When that did not work he cleaned up the place and threw away the knife he used.

People were shocked when they found Manuels dead body on February 16th. The police came after someone called 911. They looked around and found out what happened. They also got help from someone who saw something important. This helped them catch Melvin quickly. Even though what Melvin did was really bad nobody knows why he did it. This makes people in the community feel confused and sad. The police are still looking into what happened. They took Melvins phone as a clue.

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Community in Grief: Grappling with Unanswered Questions After Tragic Incident

People in Paramus feel really sad about what happened. The Thomas familys home used to be a happy place. But now it’s a sad place because of what Melvin did to his dad. Melvin has not said anything about having a lawyer yet. The police are going to keep looking into what happened. People in the community are trying to understand why Melvin would do something so terrible to his own dad.

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