West Memphis Woman Detained over I-40 Shooting Incident: Police Update!

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A Terrifying Incident on Interstate 40 Leaves One Injured and a Community in Shock

West Memphis Woman Detained over I-40 Shooting Incident: Police Update (PHOTO: The Arkansas Democrat -Gazette)

West Memphis Woman Arrested After Alleged Shooting Incident on I-40

One ordinary Saturday evening there was a scary event on Interstate 40 near the 281-mile marker. A young woman named Regan Beason from West Memphis was in trouble with the police because she did something dangerous. It was still light outside when there was a loud noise like someone was shooting a gun. One person got hurt and everyone was very surprised and scared.

The person who got shot at was driving east on the highway when another car pulled up next to them and started shooting at their cars right side. This was a scary experience for the victim and the police are now trying to find out what happened.

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Arkansas State Police Investigate Alleged Highway Shooting: 20-Year-Old Faces Charges

The Arkansas State Police said Beason who is 20 years old is in trouble because she shot a gun from her car four times when she wasn’t supposed to. She also did two things that could scare people which is called committing a terroristic act. The police from West Memphis asked the state police for help to figure out what happened. The person who got hurt was driving on I-40 going east when Beason shot at their car. The person got hurt but they will be okay. This is a big deal for the community because it’s a reminder that doing dangerous things can hurt people. The police will figure out what happened but for now everyone is worried about staying safe on the roads.

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