Wire Fraud Charges: Ex-FBI Agent Scams Woman of $700K in Elaborate Scheme

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A former FBI agent, William Roy Stone, Jr., found himself sentenced to seven years in prison on wire fraud charges after orchestrating a devious scam that targeted an unsuspecting woman. Stone, 65, along with his accomplice Joseph Eventino DeLeon, 64, manipulated the victim into believing she was on “secret probation” for federal drug crimes, extracting over $700,000 from her over 11 months.

 Wire Fraud Charges: Ex-FBI Agent Scams Woman of $700K in Elaborate Scheme (Photo from: Durham Herald Sun)

The Elaborate Scheme Unveiled

Stone’s retirement from the FBI in October 2015 marked the inception of his fraudulent ploy. Presenting himself as an active agent overseeing the victim’s probation, he coerced her into making payments under the guise of fulfilling probationary terms. Alongside DeLeon, Stone spun an intricate web of deception, convincing the woman that a fictitious federal judge had appointed them to administer her probationary conditions leading to his wire fraud charges.

Under the pretext of supervision, Stone and DeLeon manipulated the victim into isolating herself from her family, pushing her to transfer inherited assets and even suggesting marriage to Stone as a means to terminate her probation. 

Through relentless manipulation, they instilled fear in the victim, threatening her with dire consequences if she disclosed the so-called probationary terms to anyone.

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Conviction and Sentencing

In August, Stone was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and false impersonation of a federal officer, highlighting his misdeeds. The sentencing highlights financial fraud and exploitation and warns against trust and authority misuse.

As the legal proceedings unfold, DeLeon’s forthcoming sentencing on conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges underscores the enduring quest for justice. Despite claims of idolization and unwitting involvement, accountability remains paramount in rectifying the grievous harm inflicted upon the victim and upholding the integrity of the law.

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