Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained


Rei’s father, played by Koki Uchiyama, followed through on his threat to destroy Rei’s family by attempting to kill both Miri and Kazuki (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga). Although failing in his plot, Ogino was able to kill Miri’s mother, which greatly complicated matters for the group.

Kyutaro saves them from the original threat, but their makeshift family is still in danger, especially Kazuki and Rei, who intends to leave the assassin business.

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 12 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

As it snows outside, Kazuki, Rei, and Miri are back at home cooking breakfast as the episode begins. It has been a year since they adopted her, and it is Christmas once more.

When Kazuki’s teacher inquires as to whether Miri’s mother will be attending the Christmas program, he unexpectedly informs them that it will only be him and Kazuki. Kazuki claims that Misaki is traveling and assisting Santa Claus with gift distribution rather than telling Miri the truth about her mother.

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Does Ogino Kill Kazuki?

Kazuki and Rei split off after breaking into the Suwa Estate, and Kazuki was later apprehended by Ogino. Kazuki is being threatened with a gun by Ogino, but Rei intervenes just in time to save him.

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Does Ogino Kill Rei?

After rescuing Kazuki from Ogino, Rei is ultimately shot by the murderer. Nonetheless, Rei is still alive when Kazuki discovers him since he looks to be donning a bulletproof vest.

Who Kills Ogino?

Kazuki and Rei jointly kill Ogino when they are attacked in the kitchen. Rei headbutts him after Kazuki stabs him in the back, forcing the knife through Ogino’s neck as he falls to his back.

Does Rei Kill His Father?

Rei decides from killing his father after he forbids him to leave the group. Instead, he shoots himself in the shoulder, rendering him useless as an assassin to his father and the organization.

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Ending Explained

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Do Kazuki and Rei Make Miri S Christmas Program?

Kazuki and Rei nonetheless arrive at Miri’s Christmas concert in time to watch her class sing, despite being late and hurt.

The episode then jumps ahead to teenage Miri’s first day of high school. Rei and Kazuki prepare her breakfast in the diner they now jointly own.

Many images from their lives together over the past ten years are displayed to viewers as the episode comes to a close.

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This was undoubtedly one of the season’s greatest episodes and one of the best anime series finales I’ve ever watched. These were some of the most thrilling battles of the season, and the interaction between Rei’s father and the character caught me off, guard.

I wasn’t prepared for it to be a better solution.

The anime not only wrapped up almost all of the storylines it had begun, but the flash forward also provided the show a satisfying sense of closure. There were no unresolved issues, which I usually like in a single-season anime.

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