Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 6 Release date, Time and Where to Watch

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Release information for Episode 6 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 (when, where, and how to watch) first posted on Ready Steady Cut.

We talk about our predictions for Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 6 of the Crunchyroll anime series, as well as the air date and online streaming options.

This week’s episode of Bungo Stray Dogs was one of the best of the season, concluding the ideal murder while building up what will undoubtedly be a spectacular confrontation between Decay of the Angel and the Armed Detective Agency. Given that Ranpo (Hiroshi Kamiya) solved the murder with his customary simplicity, we learnt that Mushitaro (voiced by Takeshi Kusao) may not have been as awful as we had believed. Even though he was still guilty of a crime, he was helpful in liberating Kunikida (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya) from prison and gave Ranpo a warning that might just have prevented the deaths of his companions.

  • Poe looks for more information that could help Ranpo and realizes their manuscript is a copy because of several smudges on the last page. Just then, he receives a call on his cell phone.
  • After producing another copy of the manuscript’s last page in the car with Mushitaro, Ranpo explains that the paper used in the original and the copy do not match. After finding the hidden manuscript, Ranpo realized the Cleaner and murderer were the same person.
  • Ranpo accuses Mushitaro of the murder. The driver halts the car, immediately pulling a gun on Ranpo before realizing they are surrounded. Ranpo reveals Poe was listening in via his cell phone the entire time. However, the driver reveals he and Mushitaro have diplomatic immunity, forcing the police to let them go.
  • Ranpo leaves his cell phone behind to call Mushitaro, who is transported to a new setting via the cell phone, using Poe’s ability.
  • Mushitaro wakes up in the inn where Yokomizo was murdered with Yokomizo’s hands around his neck. As Yokomizo screams about hating him, Mushitaro realizes this isn’t real.
  • Ranpo suddenly manifests in the doorway, showing viewers how Mushitaro strangled Yokomizo.
  • Ranpo says that Mushitaro will be compelled to turn himself in once he hears him out.
  • Ranpo notes that the personal grudge motive in the novel’s final chapter does not make sense and is far too scripted, making it clear that Yokomizo had himself killed.
  • Wanting to write the ultimate mystery, Yokomizo needed a real murderer and asks Mushitaro to be that person for him. Mushitaro complies and begins strangling him.
  • Ranpo knows that Mushitaro did not hate Yokomizo. It was his haste to copy and replace the last page of the manuscript that gave him away, as the only reason it needed to be replaced is because of the smudge on the last page that occurred when Mushitaro began crying as he strangled Yokomizo.
  • After hearing the truth, Mushitaro agrees to turn himself in and revokes his ability to hide evidence.
  • Officer Minoura reveals to them that new evidence has been found concerning the grenades that were involved in the murder of the young girl Kunikida is accused of. This means he will likely be released from prison.
  • Before he is taken away, Ranpo gives Mushitaro a business card to an anti-government organization to use as an opportunity to get a job doing something helpful.
  • At a traffic stop, another officer approaches the police car and shoots the driver. The murderer reveals his name to be Nikolai and declares that he is there on “clean-up duty” for Fyodor. He goes on to explain he is part of a terrorist organization called Decay of the Angel.
  • Mushitaro grabs the police radio and warns Ranpo not to take the next job the Armed Detective Agency is offered.
  • Before he can finish, Ranpo hears gunshots on the other end of the radio.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date and Time

Bungou Stray Dogs (TV Series 2016– ) - IMDb

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Crunchyroll will air Season 4 Episode 6. It will be released at 10:30 ET. The title of Episode 6 is Tragic Sunday, and it will be about 23 minutes long.

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Where to Watch Online

With a subscription to Crunchyroll, viewers from all over the world can watch Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 6 on an aforementioned day.


Mushitaro was the murderer, but he wasn’t as prone to aggressive inclinations as I had thought. Fortunately, Ranpo was able to simply escape this situation without the aid of his pals at the Armed Detective Agency. Before Mushitaro was killed in favour of launching a new terrorist group with connections to Fyodor, it even appeared as though he was going to get a new ally.

  • Mushitaro warned Ranpo against taking the next big job at the Agency. Knowing Ranpo, he may want to turn the case down when it comes through, but I think he will end up being too curious to ignore it in the end.
  • It’s interesting that we have yet to see any other Armed Detective Agency characters. I suspect they will make an appearance in the next episode, probably when Ranpo gets the new job he has been warned not to take.
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