Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Tomo-Chan is a Girl!

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Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 Recap was the first article to publish on Ready Steady Cut.

This article contains spoilers for Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 of the Crunchyroll anime series.

Especially in romantic comedies, no anime is complete without a beach episode. Last week, Tomo-Chan is a Girl! provided one of those episodes that youngsters will remember for the rest of their lives.

Even though it seemed impossible for Jun (Kaito Ishikawa) to ignore the fact that Tomo (Rie Takahashi) is a girl, he nonetheless managed to create a small hole with his verbal choices. When it comes to getting Tomo and Jun to see each other as more than just friends, though, any development feels positive.

Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl! Episode 8 Review - Latest Anime News

Tomo, Misuzu, and Carol decide to arrange a sleepover since summer vacation is almost over. Misuzu challenges Tomo to invite Jun to the forthcoming fireworks display, just the two of them, as they are playing a game. They arrive at Jun’s home after Tomo makes a request. She is disappointed by how unenthusiastic he sounds after agreeing to go. Carol questions whether they are going about this relationship in the best way possible.

Later that evening, while Jun and Tomo watch the fireworks, he sleeps in bed feeling ashamed of his excitement. Before concluding that she couldn’t have meant her invitation as a romantic gesture, he recalls her statement of love from the beginning of the season.

When Jun and Tomo first meet, he is immediately startled by how attractive she appears in her yukata. The nearby sellers recognise the pair because they frequently attended festivals together. But they are also surprised to see Tomo dressed up, especially since she is known for being a monster at fairground games. Misuzu, Carol, and Misaki are all present at the event at the same time.

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Why Does Jun’s Apology Upset Tomo?

They accidentally bump into several guys and start making advances towards Tomo. As Jun intervenes, he wraps his arm around Tomo’s shoulder and carries her off with ease. But, when she tries to thank him, Jun apologises and admits that Tomo could have handled them on her own. She expresses her disappointment that Jun will not just accept her thanks and adds that while being strong, she is unable to manage every circumstance on her own. She surprises Jun by honestly bowing as she thanks him once more, forcing him to accept her request.

What Does Tomo Want from Jun?

Tomo informs Jun that she has something to say just before the fireworks begin. She pauses as she considers how to phrase her remarks. She doesn’t want their relationship to significantly change, but she does want Jun to be hers. The fireworks start, and before she can find out how to say it, she realises she missed the action.

What Can Jun Decide He Never Do with Tomo Again?

Tomo commends Jun for accompanying her to the fireworks and encourages them to go again. He’s still perplexed, though, as he tries to figure out why he’s been acting strange and how he feels about Tomo. He does make the decision that he won’t ever be able to fight her again as she beams at him.

Why Is Misuzu Upset?

Carol reveals to Misuzu that their friendship is finally evolving when Tomo admits that Jun has been extra cautious around her lately. Misuzu does not appear to be happy, though, as she is uncertain as to whether Carol was correct and she had been addressing the matter incorrectly all along by not letting Tomo learn to resolve issues on her own. She begins to question Carol’s motivation as she gradually realises how much her life will change if Jun and Tomo get together, which causes her to get so angry that she breaks her pencil.

Why Does Misuzu Call Jun for Help?

The blonde jerk and his pals, who attempted to beat up Tomo in episode four, pursue Misuzu in an effort to exact revenge. They are intimidated by her frigid demeanour, but they do not yield, clutching her arm. Carol shows up before they can inquire about Tomo. Despite Misuzu’s best efforts to downplay Carol as more than just a fellow student, the two ultimately flee after Carol tases the blonde leader. They shelter in an abandoned building, but when the mob continues to pursue them, she phones Jun for assistance so that Tomo is not involved.

Nonetheless, Tomo coerces Jun into telling her where he is going and then demands that she follow him. Misaki observes them from a distance and hears where they are heading.

The blonde leader locates Carol and Misuzu’s hiding place just before Tomo appears and frightens him while inviting him outside. At the same moment, Jun starts battling the other four pals, dispatching the first with ease. While they are fighting, Misaki hunts for Carol, and Misuzu unintentionally comes into Carol after she has changed out of her dirty clothes. He becomes enraged after misinterpreting the circumstances and must be restrained by Tomo and Jun before striking the blonde commander.

Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Misuzu sticks behind after the combat to confront the blonde leader and his companions. They start to tremble in fright when she inquires about if they had heard of the Aizawa Dojo. She then informs them that Tomo is the sole child of the business owner before threatening to track them down if they ever pursue her or her pals once more.

Jun is waiting for Misuzu outside the deserted building and calls her ruthless. Jun responds that she is a girl when she is asked why he waited. But Misuzu says she doesn’t want to talk about it when he says he generally doesn’t treat Tomo the same way because it’s different.

Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 8 Review: Complex Feelings

After getting into a quarrel the previous day, Tomo worries that she may have set back her relationship with Jun. Nevertheless, when he touches her shoulder normally once more, she is overjoyed.

Every time I believe I understand this slice of life’s direction in detail, it astonishes me by turning out to be a far more cerebral series than I had anticipated. The personalities of the characters are so much more complex than they initially appear to be. All of them lack perfection. They make errors, have layers, and become confused.

This is not a flawless series where everyone is faultless or where the secondary characters only serve to forward the plot for the main romance. I adore seeing these youngsters act like authentic teenagers and react in a way that seems natural given the circumstances. The complexity of the plot comes from the people and how their emotions affect how they tackle these circumstances, especially with a cast this small and episodes broken up into shorter stories.

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The real star of this episode was Carol, who tried to let Tomo and Jun’s relationship develop naturally while still supporting Misuzu. Carol has surprised me by turning out to be the ideal blend of Tomo and Misuzu’s characteristics, contrary to my initial expectation that she would only serve as comic relief. Nonetheless, she is also arguably the show’s funniest character.

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