Will There Be a 2nd Season of Tomo-Chan Is a Girl?


The idea of a Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! series divided anime viewers when it was initially proposed. It seemed like some prospective viewers were concerned that it might have sexist connotations.

At the same time, supporters of the original work urged viewers to give the show a chance, claiming that it did the opposite and challenged how society portrays gender standards. In the end, Tomo-Chan proved to be one of the best romantic comedy animes of the season, making it well worth the risk.

Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! is presently ranked as one of the top anime of Winter 2023 with a MyAnimeList score of 7.66 at the time of this publication.

This well-liked comic strip, which was first released as a 4-Koma, or a brief four-cell manga, ran from 2016 until 2019, encompassing more than 900 chapters in eight volumes. The protagonist of the novel is a high school student named Tomo Aizawa who, despite being somewhat of a tomboy, wants her closest friend and crush, Junichiro Kubota, to perceive her as a female.

Misuzu and Carol, two of Tomo’s friends, frequently encounter funny problems while trying to help her win over Jun throughout the course of the series. Even though the show doesn’t take itself too seriously, there are some very touching moments in it.

Its distinction from other love comedies during the 2023 Winter anime season was what made it stand out. While the focus of the series was Tomo’s love for Jun, it also touched upon and humorously explored topics of friendship, growing apart, envy, and gender stereotyping.

Will There Be a Season 2 of The Anime Series Tomo-Chan Is a Girl? Renewed or Canceled Status

Will there be a Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 2?

The existence of Tomo-Chan Is a Female Season 2 has not yet been confirmed!

New seasons of anime are occasionally announced before the current one wraps up. Yet, it frequently takes a new season of an anime to air, which could take weeks, months, or even years.

There may not be enough adaptable source material available to generate another season, there may not be enough finance, or the studio may be too busy.

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Another season of Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! has not yet been announced. Even if a new season for this series is not ruled out, it is unlikely that one will be made.

Although having numerous chapters, each episode could accommodate dozens of them due to how brief they were. Fans will likely be shocked to learn that the current school festival arc, which begins in episode 11, was taken from volume 7 of the manga, which has eight volumes and over 900 chapters.

With that in mind, the season will probably end with the entire manga animated.

I doubt that this series will get a second season, especially if season one covers all of the original material, because romance anime, especially romantic comedies, frequently end after only one season.

Although the studio may decide to develop original narratives for the show, given that this isn’t a really intense shonen series, I doubt it would be financially advantageous for them. It’s more likely that Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! episode 13 will end where the manga does, bringing the series to a satisfying conclusion.

While fans would love to see more of Tomo’s shenanigans, it can be enjoyable to watch a beloved series become fully animated.

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