Who Is Alex Wassabi Girlfriend? Meet the You Tuber’s Popular Girlfriend!

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Alex Wassabi, a renowned YouTuber, was born Alexander Burriss on March 28, 1990, but is better known by his alias. To get started on YouTube, Wassabi first joined Roi Fabito’s YouTube channel, which was then converted to Wassabi’s hoiitsroi channel. Alex became the sole proprietor of the Wassabi channel in 2016 when Fabio decided to follow a different career path.


YouTuber Alex Wassabi got his start in the entertainment industry as a personality on the platform. A parody music video channel he and his friend Roi Wassabi founded on YouTube called Wassabi Productions featured a lot of their skits and other comedic content. The song “Call Me Maybe” parody video they posted in 2012, which has received more than 140 million views to date, made them a household name and earned them worldwide notoriety.

Most of their videos went viral in the following years, making them one of the most popular YouTube channels in no time. On YouTube, Burriss has been uploading gaming-related videos since 2016, when his companion decided to leave the channel.

Her first acting role was in the popular comedy-horror film, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, which premiered in 2017. After a short time, he was featured in a YouTube series called Escape the Night later in the year. This year he has also worked with the YouTube Factory and popular internet stars like Lily Singh and Dwayne Johnson.

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Alex Wassabi’s girlfriend Lexy Panterra

Alex Wassabi is dating Lexy Panterra, a.k.a. Alexis Liela Afshar. Dancer, actress, model, and YouTuber are just a few of the many roles she’s held in her career. To motocross prodigy Tony Panterra and businesswoman Elizabet Panterra, Lexy Panterra was born on May 22, 1989, in California, the United States.

She was raised by her parents and older brother, Elijah. Lexy Panterra was introduced to twerking by her step-cousins, who had picked it up from their mother.

alex wassabi girlfriend

It was Lexy’s Twerk dancing videos that catapulted her to prominence on YouTube and on her social media accounts.” Twerking videos she has posted on YouTube have been seen more than 20 million times so far. Twerking for OnlyFans nets her $10,000 a day.

Real Influence Agency, content and brand management firm run by Lexy Panterra, was founded by her in 2011. Besides LexTwerkOut, she founded the fitness platform in 2014. In the 1960s and 1970s, Panterra’s late maternal grandmother was a well-known Persian lyricist, producer, and poet. After the Iranian Revolution in the 1970s, she moved to the United States and settled there for many years.

The drag racer and producer Alex Dodd has a niece named Panterra, and the two are related. Lexy Panterra, Alex Wassabi’s girlfriend, has a net worth of $3 million, according to Forbes.

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Lexy Panterra

Having been born Alexis Liela Afshar, Lexy Panterra has used her beautiful features and pleasant demeanor to influence everyone around her since she was a newborn when she was conceived in the back of a 1969 Cutlass. Consequently, by the time Lex Luthor was 2 years old, her father had given her the nickname.

Auto racing and danger run deep in Lex Panterra’s veins as the daughter of a professional motocross racer and legendary hot-rod builder and driver Tony Panterra and the niece of drag racing legend and producer Alex Dodd. Lexy Panterra grew up in a family that fed her wild side and encouraged her to operate at unsafe speeds off paved roads, having grown up in a household of men, including her father, uncle, and three brothers.

As a young girl, Lex won her first beauty pageant and competed in her first motorcycle race at the Los Angeles County Road Racing (LACR). She wowed the crowd by taking first place in many races.

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