Who Is Alex Yee Girlfriend? Meet Olivia Mathias

“Alexander Amos Yee MBE” (born February 18th, 1998) is an English distance runner and triathlete who has won numerous honors for his athletic achievements. Triathlon Mixed Relay in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Saturday, 31 July 2021, saw him take home a silver medal and a gold medal for his team. Another accomplishment is his title as Commonwealth Games gold medalist in 2022.


Yuen Yee won the 2022 World Triathlon Sprint Championships in Montreal, Canada, for the first time as an individual World Champion. A member of the World Triathlon Mixed Relay Championships gold-medal winning relay team in Nottingham in 2019, Yee has also competed in individual events. Great Britain’s first Olympic quota berths were secured thanks to his silver medal win in the same event in Montreal.

It was Yee who emerged victorious from the 2021 Super League Triathlon Championship Series. 2022 saw him become the first Esport Triathlon World Champion after finishing in the runners-up position at both the London and the Singapore Arena Games Triathlons that year.

When the European 10,000m Cup and the Night of 10,000m PBs festival on Parliament Hill were combined, Yee have crowned the 2018 British 10,000m champion and helped Great Britain to the silver medal in the team competitions. He competed for Great Britain at the following European Athletics Championships.

Age Difference between Alex Yee and Olivia Mathias

Just a year separates the happy couple. This year Alex will be 24, and Mathias will be 22. On February 18, 1998, the runner’s birthday falls on the same day as his girlfriend’s. Thus, Alex Yee is approximately a year younger than Olivia Yeehusband.

Alex’s girlfriend Mathias is 5’6.4′′ tall, compared to Alex’s 5’10” height. They look like a match made in heaven in the social media photos they’ve been sharing with their fans. Aside from that, they’re seen taking trips together and seem to relish the company of one another.

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Intimate Relationship: Olivia Mathias and Alex Yee

Now that they’ve been together for six years, the pair has finally bought their first home together in Leicestershire town. You may also discover photos of the two of them posing together on their individual Instagram accounts.

alex yee girlfriend

A photo of Alex‘s food was posted to her Instagram account. “I’m relieved to be done with what was perhaps the most difficult period of my life.” To my relief, both the Peugeot and my back were up to the effort. To see what happens next, I’m eager to see what happens. Everyone, thank you.

Every day, he posted new pictures of her on his social media accounts. Since he has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, Alex has been publishing a lot of content there lately. According to her Instagram post on the occasion of their six-year anniversary, Olivia posted a picture of herself and Alex and the caption “six years.”

Alex Yee’s Income and Wealth

It’s no secret that Alex Yee is one of the sport’s most wealthy athletes. Over the course of his career, he has amassed a sizable collection of hardware. Sports-related earnings are the mainstay of Alex’s financial picture.

The Super League Triathlon Championship Series was won by Yee in 2021. He won the first Esport Triathlon World Championship in 2022 after placing second in the London and Singapore Arena Games Triathlon events.

The British 10,000m champion in 2018, Yee also led Great Britain to obtain a silver medal in the European 10,000m Cup as a team runner.

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Olivia Mathias

Triathlete Olivia Mathias hails from the United Kingdom and competes on a professional level.
Lincoln, England, United Kingdom is where Olivia Mathias was born on October 12, 1998, at the age of 18. A British triathlete, she is well-known in the sport.

alex yee girlfriend

She won gold in the mixed relay at the European Triathlon Championships in 2021. When the first Grand Final was held in 2016, Mathias contested. First-timer at the Grand Finals, she had a great time! Great Britain was awarded a silver medal after she made the trip to Portugal and returned.

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