Are Krystal and Kyle Dating? What Are the Fan’s Reactions?


As a political analyst, Krystal Marie Ball was born in the United States on November 24, 1981. In addition to hosting shows for MSNBC, contributing regularly to The Huffington Post, and serving as co-host of The Hill’s Rising with Saagar Enjeti in the past, she has also run for office. Ball and Enjeti made the decision to leave the show and start their own separate project, called Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar, in May 2021.

The podcast Krystal Kyle & Friends has Ball and Kyle Kulinski as co-hosts. On broadcasts like Real Time with Bill Maher and those from CNN, CNBC, and Fox News, she has made cameo appearances.

Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski, two American political commentators, declared their relationship with a heartfelt Twitter post.

The Krystal Kyle & Friends podcast, which premiered in January 2021, is famous for being hosted by the two presenters. Many of Krystal and Kyle’s fans were taken aback when they discovered they are truly dating, which was officially announced on Valentine’s Day, even though they have been shipping them for a while.

Kyle Kulicki and Krystal Ball confirm their relationship

Using a cute selfie, co-host Kyle Kulinski revealed on Monday, February 14th, that he is dating Krystal Ball. Kyle kissed Krystal as the two posed together next to a lake. Krystal is beaming in the romantic photo, and she even added a cheeky comment under it, responding with four heart emojis.

are krystal and kyle dating

When they started their podcast in early 2021, relationship rumors started to circulate. It’s unclear how long the two have been together. Due to the two’s captivating and endearing personalities, they immediately won over the fans.

Krystal and Kyle were also featured in a number of travel-related postings last year, which led many of their followers to believe that they are more than just co-hosts.

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Krystal and Kyle Openly Prominent Leftists

Even though they don’t belong to the Democratic Party, Krystal Ball and Kyle are both on the left side of the political spectrum. Kyle is a founder member of his political action committee, Justice Democrats, which supports and champions candidates who reject corporate PAC money. We chose to run against one another in 2010 for a House seat since Krystal and I share the same political beliefs.

The probe may now be being conducted by the extreme leftists, according to rumors spread by fans. They reportedly made a loving remark in one of their holiday vlogs, and Krystal has supposedly been sporting a diamond ring on “that” finger. Kyle allegedly admitted to being a stepfather and saying that he spends most of his time in Virginia or Washington, D.C., according to a Reddit. There won’t be any fuss made over it.

The followers disagree with this, though. Krystal is a “traditionalist” who only wears her spouse’s ring, they claim because she hasn’t yet filed for divorce from her husband. Ultimately, it would be possible to examine the rings again to determine whether they are unique and if Kyle is wearing his own ring. It’s probable that Kyle has been seeing her off-and-on for some time, so it’s not shocking that he would ask her to marry him. Fans are eagerly awaiting news from the duo, who have not yet confirmed or denied the reports.

Reaction from Fans to Their Romance

In the comments area, a number of the pair’s admirers expressed their admiration for the couple and how happy they were to hear about their romance.

Author Marianne Williamson described it as “the ultimate Valentine’s Day.”

I’m very pleased for you two—you two seem so joyful! A fan responded, “This is a tremendous duo,” as someone else wrote.

A second person commented, “I definitely got those signals, and I also noticed how Krystal would laugh at Kyle’s comments like, ‘Ohh you’re horrible.’ Very well done!

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About Kyle Edward Kulinski

are krystal and kyle dating

Political commentator and television broadcaster Kyle Edward Kulinski was born in the United States on January 31, 1988. In addition to co-hosting Krystal Kyle & Friends on the liberal podcast Krystal Kyle & Friends, Kulinski is the host and producer of The Kyle Kulinski Show on his YouTube channel Secular Talk.

Kulinski, a self-described social democrat and left-wing populist, is one of the co-founders of Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee whose candidates reject contributions from corporate PACs.

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