Are Ranboo and Aimsey Dating? According to Fans Twitch Star Ranboo May Be Dating Another Streamer

Aimee (born December 11, 2001 [age 20]), popularly known online as Aimsey (stylized as aimsey, also known as aimseytv, formerly toadallyaimee), is a Welsh YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and TikToker who is well-known for their Minecraft streams and collaborations.

Along with Tubbo and Billzo, who they frequently collaborate with, they were a member of the (now-defunct) BearSMP Minecraft server. They are currently a member of the Dream SMP. In addition to playing a significant role in those SMPs, they also participated in the OneTry SMP.

They gained their initial notoriety on TikTok, where they currently have 3M followers.

Who is Ranboo dating?

Some fans believed Ranboo and Aimsey were romantically involved, but that is not the case because they are not.

But why did some of their online fans start to ship them as a couple? They genuinely have wonderful friendships and are close friends.

There is no doubt that Ranboo and Aimsey, who both stream on Twitch, are close friends. Aimsey was a kid actor who had appearances in shows like Casualty before becoming well-known on Twitch and TikTok.

Ranboo, meantime, is 18 years old and is from San Francisco. Both have grown their online fan bases in part because of their Twitch streams.

are ranboo and aimsey dating

Contrary to popular belief, Aimsey and Ranboo are not romantically involved despite spending a lot of time together. Recently, Aimsey uploaded a series of pictures with Ranboo on Twitter with the phrase “FRIENDSHIP,” reiterating the two of them as friends.

Aimsey and Ranboo are merely buddies that work together on videos, and Aimsey is currently seeing fellow streamer Serena.

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Are Ranboo and Aimsey romantically involved?

Although the rumour that Ranboo is dating Aimsey didn’t pan out, she is by no means the only person that he has been associated with since he rose to prominence as a streamer.

Some people conjectured that Ranboo and Tubbo, whose true name is Tobby Smith, were dating or otherwise linked romantically in the summer of last year. The two conduct most of their streaming together and actually live together.

They also assert that their legal marriage is not a result of their love for one another. Instead, they wed to reduce their tax liability.

Some people have speculated that Ranboo and Tubbo are more romantically connected than they claim to be, and are merely concealing their relationship from their audience, as all of this may sound a little far-fetched.

Reactions from Fans Disclosed

While some people assumed Ranboo and Aimsey were a couple, their devoted supporters have clarified their status on Twitter.

are ranboo and aimsey dating

One user tweeted: “Friend who doesn’t actually watch them saw timeline with all the images & asked me if Ranboo & Aimsey are dating lol well.” Someone else questioned, “Where can I get a friendship like Ranboo and Aimsey’s?” Where can I find a tall pal for comfort?

Another person wrote: “Why [can’t] I have like friends and also photos like Ranboo and Aimsey, I love their friendship.”

Is Ranboo a ghost?

Ranboo is the thirty-first member of the Dream SMP, joining on November 27, 2020 (full name “Ranboo Beloved,” nee “Ranboo My Beloved. He resided in the L’Manberg home built by Ghostbuster and had originally intended to run for president of L’Manberg in the postponed election in February 2021.

On November 28, 2021, Awesamdude killed him; as a result, he turned into a ghost known as Boo or “Ghostboo,” as referred to by his fans.

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How is Ranboo so poluar?

Ranboo, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from the United States who was born on November 2, 2003, at the age of 18, is well-known for his work with other Minecraft players. He participates in the Dream SMP Minecraft server.

are ranboo and aimsey dating

Ranboo immediately attracted followers by publishing on TikTok as well, and as a result, he was able to reach 200 YouTube subscribers on his first day of video uploading. On September 25, just a few days after he started streaming, Punz raided him with 5,000 viewers.

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