Who Is Ben Kissel Girlfriend? Check out The Rumors About This Podcaster’s Hidden Relationship!

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Kissel is known as the school’s “class clown” because he was always looking for ways to lighten the mood.

He’s been around for 41 years now, and his birthday falls under the Cancer star sign. He is of normal height and weight (about 6 feet 7 inches and 197 pounds, respectively).

The actor has brown eyes and brown hair that is about shoulder length. His father drove a truck for 25 years in the United States after immigrating from Germany, he has two brothers who are gay, and he was raised in a home that provided care for dozens of foster and neglected children.

His initial focus was on politics rather than performing, and this began during the Iraq War of 2001 and 2002. Ben earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and describes himself as an “Atheist,” someone who does not believe in the existence of God or Satan.

To What Extent Is Ben Kissel Financially Successful?

It is estimated that he will have a net worth of $500,000 in 2019. Leading American podcaster and writer Ben Kissel’s estimated net worth and annual salary are unknown at this time because he hasn’t shared them publicly.

Ben has been working in television for a long time and has won an award for his podcast, The Last Podcast on the Left. He may have amassed a substantial fortune as a result.

Kissel’s political analysis work for HLN, CNN, and Fox News Network, among others, surely inflated his already enormous fortune.

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Where Did Ben Kissel Meet His Girlfriend, Brooke Rogers?

Ben Kissel‘s long-term partner, Brooke Rogers, has been in his life for quite some time. The actor has maintained strict privacy over his relationship with his girlfriend Brooke and has never spoken publicly about her.

They haven’t talked about how they met or how they fell in love yet. Ben has made no secret of his enjoyment of Ben’s girlfriend’s company by posting numerous photos of the two of them together on social media.

ben kissel girlfriend

Rogers has been a supportive and affectionate companion to Kissel during their marriage, and the couple’s breakup has not been reported.

Many people are thrilled to see them together, and they hope the couple will be together forever and get married quickly. There are now no plans for a wedding, but once they are, the couple may choose to share the news publicly.


Popularity as a Podcast Host is one of Ben Kissel’s many achievements. Known for his work as a comedian and podcaster, he is a regular contributor to the hit true crime and paranormal podcast

The Last Podcast on the Left. Furthermore, he has served as a political pundit for both Fox News and HLN. Recently, he and Henry Zebrowski presented a podcast called The Last Podcast on the Left.

Ben’s upbringing resembled something like a roller coaster ride, but the experience equipped him with the tools he would need to become a successful comic. In 2005, he began performing as a stand-up comic in bars and clubs, where his work experience finally found its shed.

Before becoming the presenter of The Last Podcast On The Left, only a small circle of individuals knew who Kissel was. In 2011, a horror-comedy series was released.

In 2017, the show’s popularity earned it several Webby Awards. Three close friends released new episodes every week on Fridays. The team discussed a wide range of paranormal and conspiratorial issues, including serial killers, aliens, ghosts, and conspiracy theories.

Even after 400 episodes, this show is going strong. In addition to the podcast, Kissler has made appearances in only a small number of other shows. Examples include Girls in Rooms, A Very Troma Christmas, and Watters World.

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Getting Into Politics

Anyone familiar with Ben’s background will know that politics was one of his earliest areas of interest. Because of this, he got involved in many other political activities.

Kissel specifically managed reform ballots for Kings County’s presidium in 2017. Because of it, he made a lot of new friends and pledged his support for progressive causes like criminal justice reform, honest police, and recreational marijuana legalization.

Ben’s not just well-known for his paranormal podcast, but also for his roles as the speaker in Cave Comedy Radio and Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat. This man hosts a show in which he discusses political and social issues.

Kissel has been on CNN, RT, MSNBC, and other networks’ talk shows and political news broadcasts to build his expertise in these areas. Over time, more successes will be added, and the audience will be informed of them.

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