Who Is Bill Gates Daughter Dating? She Interacts with An Unknown Man on Instagram

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After posting a photo of herself with her new lover, Phoebe Gates, the youngest child of Bill and Melinda Gates, has gained attention. One of the three children of the now-divorced marriage, the 19-year-old uploaded the affectionate “couple picture” on her Instagram Story channel.

It is presumed that the man is a non-celebrity and fellow Stanford student because Phoebe, who is a student at Stanford University in California, didn’t tag the man or give his name. Phoebe was observed in Manhattan, New York, in 2021 with her father, Bill Gates, and her ex-boyfriend, Chaz Flynn, just after her parents announced their divorce.

MEAWW previously reported that Phoebe and Chaz were sighted with Bill Gates at the well-known celebrity restaurant Nobu after arriving at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

Bill Gates’ Daughter Married Her Husband in a Muslim Ceremony in Secrecy

Phoebe introduced her lover to the public, but the Stanford student omitted to tell anyone his name. Since Phoebe is ready to begin her second year at the elite institution, it is safe to assume that they met while still in school. However, she did not reveal his name beyond the fact that she appears to be in love.

As soon as her photo with her boyfriend went viral, folks couldn’t help but wonder what the recently divorced business magnate thought of his youngest daughter’s blossoming new relationship.

On July 6th, with two red heart emojis, she shared a photo of herself with the unidentified male. The unnamed male is kissing the smiling woman on the cheek in the sun-kissed photo.

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Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe celebrates her high school graduation with a bikini-clad vacation

“According to Bill Gates, he won’t be leaving his children any inheritance. All of it will be donated to charity, “Regarding his divorce, one Twitter user remarked. Another person chimed up, “Major bag alert!” in reference to Gates’ money.

bill gates daughter dating

Another poster posted a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and said, “This isn’t the dream he’s talking about. The children of Gates are not all in love just like Phoebe. In a highly-guarded ceremony last year, his oldest daughter, Jennifer Gates, 26, wed equestrian Nayel Nassar. Gates’ marriage, unfortunately, broke down last year after his wife Melinda filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage.


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